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The Future For More Exciting And More Fun Online Games

The Future For More Exciting And More Fun Online Games. Online games emerge during internet boom in early 1990s. In that time, internet was still exclusive and expensive. Unless you were rich or tech employee, having internet was impossible. On the other hand, the future of internet is bright and brings many changes. Today, you can play games over internet with various platforms. Players can connect game server and access game play anytime.

At first stage, browser game was considered the online game. You opened browser and accessed game directly. Game was like website where user sent request and server provided with content. This was only eligible when game size was small enough unless you had utmost internet speed. After internet becomes more reliable and available, game developer creates online game based on server. Users or players install the game then connect to server. The online service is extended support if you want to explore more maps, quests, and characters. Game is still eligible for offline session.

• Game As A Service

The new platform is introduced into game industry. It is advancement after other technologies become available. This is called game as a service. It has benefits for players and developers regarding game update, revenue, fee, and profit. In simple term, the developer provides game and additional services after players pay certain amount of money as fee. It is like you subscribe for music or video streaming service. You do not need to worry about update because developer will give directly as long as player still has subscription period.

It seems you only pay one game per fee. The method is less effective even expensive if you subscribe many games. Moreover, many game developers cannot afford creating platform for their own. Budget and capital are limited even though there is huge potential. Based on this situation, you see platform that provides many games. Players just subscribe and have access to any games. This platform helps small developers to gain more revenue and profit while players enjoying their game.

• Digital currency

The Future For More Exciting And More Fun Online Games
Digital Currency

Online games use digital currency that only works in particular game world. For example, you play role-playing and adventure games with vast characters and items. This game is the world itself where money is in form of digital currency. It has many names such as gold, point, reward, and anything. The main concept is you exchange real currency to obtain digital one. After that, you may buy items, gears, weapon, upgrades, and many things.

• Bandwidth and speed

The Future For More Exciting And More Fun Online Games
Bandwith and speed

The main issue for this platform is bandwidth and internet speed. In past time, only game with low resources could exist with this kind of platform. Today, you can play game with utmost resources as long as internet speed is reliable.
Another advancement in online games is device that payers use for playing game. You can get games with several devices such as pc, laptop, tablet, console, and smartphone. The developer will create version of game that is accessible through most of devices. In the future, you can utilize virtual reality device for playing interesting online game.