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5 Best Online Games to Play with Friends in 2020

Are you looking for the best online games to play with friends? You are arriving on the right page right now. In this article, we have five best online games you can enjoy with friends or on your own.

Some of them are available for android and iOS too yet the others can be played on your PC. We also have a quick review of each game. Even during the pandemic, you can catch up with friends by playing the best online games.

The first name on the list is the This is a strategy game that requires you to grow and boost your line. The goal is to become the number one in this game. Sounds easy, right?

The gameplay is barely effortless. You need to compete with other players and expect some ruthless players – they can smell the newbie aromas from miles away. The key is to be smart, quick, and ruthless of course.


Game of Bombs

If you play Bomberman on PlayStation, this game would be quite familiar to you. This is a multiplayer online game that is addictive – one of the best online games to play with friends.

The best part is that you can simply visit the website and play it with other players around the world. The game is free, fun, and enjoyable – just like the Bomberman from PlayStation.

Die 2 Nite

The next name on the list is Die 2 Nite. This game is an online multiplayer game that involves a bunch of zombies during the game. Once you enter the game, a greeting message will pop up – “Be positive! You are going to die. Every time.”

You will see the clock on the top right side of your screen – that is the actual server time. Once the clock hits 23.00, you should be ready for the zombies. This is what you are battling with. Meanwhile, during the daylight, you and other players need to build defenses by working together.

Die 2 Nite
Die 2 Nite

It is similar to Fortnite at some point but this is another storyline. The online community is quite solid though. You would be happy and enjoying the game a lot.


Another online game you can check out is the Runescape. This online multiplayer game is free to play and enjoyable at its finest.

Runescape is one of the most popular MMORPG games in the world now. More than 200 million users play this game. You only need to install the recent version of Java and you can play this game easily. Also, this game is available to play from your smartphone.

Robot Unicorn Attack

If you are into unicorns, you need to play this game too. This is an endless runner game that requires simple gameplay. Still, you need to put your total attention to this game while playing.

This popular game has been around for years now and as addictive as it can be. Other than that, this game is free. You just need your PC and a steady internet connection – one of the best online games to play with friends.