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Elephant Dutchy

Staff feedback

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+1-20 on what i would give the staff-member. (1 extreme low, 20 is the best)

(The points are only for how i think Personal about you, not of your job being a staff-member!)


@Stan +20 - I would like to thank you for being a great owner and working alot on the server, even BTS. You're doing a great job! Keep it going. PS: Extremely nice guy.

@Luka +15 - I haven't really spoken to you, but you've been doing alot of work on the server aswell with a great job and BTS. 

@zeven+13 - Haven't seen you around alot, or spoken to you. But thanks for helping out stan/luka on your vacation, heared you was working alot BTS also.



@quartz/Shane +15 - Shane, i've been starting to know you right now. Real nice guy, great staff-member and doing his job for a full 101%



@Prophet +10 - I actually never spoken to you.. Still, i would like to thank you for being a part of the staff-team, you are probably doing a great job aswell!



@Willus +11 - Willus, great guy. Haven't seen you around alot lately. But i know you're a great admin of my knowledge from Arrav.

Dripz/@JacktheMan +16 - Well.. You've just became a ex-admin, but i would still like to thank you for everything you've done and for how long you have been around the server(s). Love

X/@Divine winds +19 - X, Great guy, helpfull, nice, able to tell him everything even personal stuff. <3




@Digimon +15 - Digimon my Ironman mod, you've been here for a long time. And are you doing great by being a moderator. 

@Lemmtim +18 - Lemmy, i've spoken to you alot the first days but this got less now. I know you're a good person and a very helpfull staff-member, keep up the good work.

@Rangeallday +13 - You're a good staff-member, never really spoken to you alot since Runeworld. Arrav we had some good times :) 



Server Support

@yajtseeb +14 - Great server-support and doing his job well to keep the community great, Havent really spoken to you alot. 

@Master cut22 +15 - Great server-support and also doing his job well to keep the community great, spoken to you alot on Arrav.


If your score is lower than expected, Do NOT take this personal! 

I've probably just not seen you around alot/Talked to you, to know how you are.

@ Kind Regards,




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28 minutes ago, Potentials said:

Definitely some amazing staff members on here, which did impress me. Quick to respond and to help out :)

Dis pots. you should take an example of them. Mrs.Turtle!

Back to topic, yeah lovely feedback to read. Glad that staff still communicates with the community :)

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