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Update 012 - Item Dismantling + Forgotten King Boss + Home reorganised + SQL Back up +FIXES

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What is up guys!

First of all, we hit 85 player last Friday which was again celebrated by a hp event. I want to thank you all who stuck by us in tough times and I welcome all the new members to our community. I would say we're on a distinguished road to the top.

Oh ye, todays update will be a a juicy one :) 


  • l003J6E.png
    • We got a rewritten SQL system, this will mean all of our automatic systems will be back up.
      • Auto donation claiming
      • Highscores
      • Voting


  • QeI1r4y.png
    • You can now dismantle a set of items into shards.
      • The items able for dismantling shall be updated frequently.
      • The shards can be used to buy items in the dismantle shop and also will be used in an upcoming update for smithing a new custom armour set.
      • Talk to Boromir at home to acquire more information.


  • 5BF7a11.png
    • We have now added daily tasks to runeworld
    • Complete your daily task to receive an Mystery box, dragonkin lamp and 1 daily task point.
    • Types
      • PVM
      • SKILLING


  • VqvFgWQ.png
    • 1 out of 3 chance of receiving double boss points
    • Costs 5k tokkul to enter the instance


  • OMNIhTp.png
    • Zulrah
      • increased the respawn timer ( 4 times slower than the current one)
    • Ganodermic Beast
      • Nerfed max hit from 550 to 380 (with the multiplier obviously.)
      • Removed ability to skull players
    • Removed revenant dark beast at rev town entrance
    • Added rift guardian as rune crafting store NPC
    • Giant mole has been relocated


  • VpsfqTJ.png
    • Teleport Pendant
      • This will be a new item that you can use to save your position in the map and teleport back to it at ease.
    • Fixed elite void effect
    • Added claim-x to 100m notes
    • New obtainables
      • Obsidian Helmet
      • Obsidian Body
      • Obsidian Legs
    • Bonus adjustments
      • Serpentine Helmet now has extra Ranged bonus
      • Tanzanite Helmet now has extra Magic bonus
      • Magma Helmet now has extra Strength bonus


  • 3kRppzt.png
    • Home 
      • Relocated crystal chest (now is near the edge dungeon entrance, next to the yew trees)
    • Achievements
      • Upon completion the player will always receive a key.
    • Commands
      • fixed ::discord
      • added ::$benefits
        • opens donator benefits page
      • added ::shops
        • Short cut to the area in home where all shops have been relocated.
    • Shops
      • Vote store
        • Added rune pouches
      • Herblore store
        • Added red spiders eggs


  • b6ufvKx.png
    • Drops
      • Improved treasure island drop rate
        • Keys are now a normal drop


  • 9gWaQYP.png
    • Smithing
      • you can now smith bolts (unf)






Big shoutout to @Luka@quartz and the entire staff team for helping us realise this.

We're moving in the right direction.




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Amazing development work, the effort the boys put in is incredible and Stan, bless him working through the night as usual.. it's been a long list of suggestions/improvements and I believe we hit a great deal of those in this HUGE update! Having said this, because of its size there will be some bugs that simply wouldn't be found without the community testing it out! So please be patient with the team when dealing with these.. Other than that, enjoy the fresh content! Hope to experience it all with you guys shortly 

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Amazing update, lots of different things have been updated.

The new boss is epic, I hope the community thinks the same about that!

Lets see what next update will bring us :), can't wait !

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Thanks to everyone of the staff team, especially Stan/Luka and quartz! 

The update is looking amazing, we're certainly going the right way.

#1 RSPS i've ever seen so far ;)

@ Kind Regards,



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really nice updates! good job! keep it up! sad that i do not have time to play anymore, hope to log in time to time to do some stuff

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