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Team Rebellion's Recruitment Thread

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Welcome To The Rebellion

( Rebelliously Roaming the wilderness since 2015 )




We are A " Deep-Wilderness" Pking clan so If you are looking to join for "Protection" Look else where.

Founded by two people who have a love for the wilderness, deep wildy to be exact.

We use discord for almost everything clan related it also doubles as a community hub.



To be join The Team we ask you to have the following...

Pking Stats -126-138 Combat:

Microphone ( Of Average quality )

Discord ( Most important requirement )

 You will be placed under a Probation Period of three days ( Tank Test, Return Test, Adaptability Test)




The following ranks are for Clan Only and do not by any means apply in the server as server ranks



Deals with Discord and Clan Ranks

Deals with Problems involving Discord/Clan Staff members

Hosts Clan events

Collects PvP drops so that they can be split out

Oversees Tests




Enforces rules

Resolves issues

Recruits members


Forums Help


Clan Support

Helps with Recruiting Members

Helps get Members in any questions they have

Helps Moderators with any duties they may have

Helps Enforce our rules .

Helps with Organizing PvP Strategies




Recruit: (Rank given when you meet the requirements of our clan )


Corporal: ( Must be in discord regularly+1 week in clan )


Sergeant:  (Must be a discord regular)( 25 return sets) (+ 2 weeks in clan)


Lieutenant: ( Must attend clan events  )( Discord Regular )( 50 return sets )( One month in clan )


Captain: ( This rank will be awarded  in clan by a staff member to those who help out the lower ranks come into discord attend clan event,at this rank you are on the road for a staff postilion. )


 General: ( This rank is bestowed upon Staff Members or an Leader of the clan. )


Application Process:


 #1 Like and Comment on This Thread

 #2 Simply Private message "Abuse" or "DipChips" on the forums or in-game to ask to join (After you know you meet our requirements)

You do NOT have to be an amazing pker to join this clan but skilled pkers will have a better time here

You will NOT get any sort of rank or special treatment if you have a Staff rank on your account

Our rules are available on our discord due to the length that this post would be.

(I am a little new when it comes to forums posts so if you spot anything wrong with this thread or how i could maybe improve it please pm me on the forums)

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Current Members/Ranks:

In-game Ranks:


General: Abuse,Anthony




Lieutenant: , Anthony ,



Corporal: Schmerb.


RecruitIngredient, Cody, Anthony, Karl, Buttons, ClawedOut, Bodhi, Cooni, Bale, Spite, Gaz, Ingredient , Juggy, Mg New Mg, Siroo, Unicow, Zaerose


Discord Ranks:

Owners: Abuse



Clan Support:

Members:, Cody, , Karl, Buttons, ClawedOut, Bodhi, Cooni, Bale, Spite, Gaz,unicow.

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