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Update 010 - AI + Bug fixes + Highscores + Store + Vote

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Hey guys,

This update will contain a lot of fixes and provide additional content for the game and the forums. 


  1. - Changed “Toggle Panel” to “Toggle Special Attack”
  2. - Changed all “Simplicity” to “RuneWorld”
  3. - Changed Report A Player to go to correct section of forum
  4. - Fixed yell so that:
  5.     - non-donators don’t get charged if they don’t write a yell
  6.     - non-donators have a cooldown matching bronze (was 0 cooldown)
  7.     - no-one can type empty yells
  8. - Moved 'good luck with your drops' to when you enter the room, instead of leave it
  9. - Enabled second farming allotment (some visual bugs remain, but it is usable and new client will fix the bugs)
  10. - Removed ‘wilderness’ from Frost Dragons label
  11. - Added wildywyrm to minimap


  1. - Wildy and Dzone magic trees no longer get chopped down fully
  2. - Changed runeworld.io to runeworld.org
  3. - Fixed trade message for X and other 1 letter names
  4. - Moved dzone teleport and items to within fence
  5. - Added new donator box
    1. Available for purchase in the Store
  6. - Created artificial intelligent bots
    1. FFA 
    2. PKING


  1. - Fixed poison bug, now shouldn’t infinitely add on
  2. - Changed dragon darts from 7500 to 2500 (encouraging more people to use instead of rune)


  1. - Making sure non-sellable items say so when shop values them
  2. - Making the deflect summoning prayer actually deflect to the attacking player
  3. - Adding pets to unsellable lis


  1. - Added rune pouch to pk shop
  2. - Made chicken gear wearable 
  3. - Updated forum theme
    1. Updated backgrounds
    2. Added Menu Items
      1. Play Now
      2. Highscores
      3. Vote
      4. Store




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This is such a major update, love it. The forums and hiscores are brilliant!

Just a note for donator zone, I have moved the altar and thieving stalls but they will not work until the client has also been updated.

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This should change some people's opinion about things not getting done.. A huge update guys, well done for sure! Definitely shows how the development team listen to community feedback and are actively adapting the server to our community :) keep up the good work and I'm excited to see what comes next!

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Great work to the entire development team! Looks like any and all new additions have been working hard! 
Keep up the good work everyone! :)

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