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Introducing unique minigame - Treasure Island

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Dear RuneWorld player,

Today I'd like to introduce you to our unique minigame, Treasure Island.

For some players this is a known mingame, for those who are new...maybe not !

Keep in mind this is not a FULL guide, marely an announcement of one of the unique features we have.



The objective is simple ; 

4 bosses, get 1 key from each by killing them, open the chest for rewards !

You can play Treasure Island by clicking on the Mini Game teleport in your teletab.



With an epic loot table this minigame is bound to be addictive. 

Here are some pictures to give you an idea ! 




~ keys ~




~ Treasure Chest ~












You can find the loot table here : 


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Awesome Zeven Thanks for making this guide!



o.O I'm confused :p


Nice guide nontheless 


Thank you guys, but it wasn't intented to be a full guide. 

It's more to make new players that are visiting our Forums aware of one of the unique features we have to offer.

I'll be posting some more anouncements about unique features we have.

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