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Formal Introduction Zeven.

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Dear RuneWorld member, 

I've previously made an introduction where I briefly explained myself. 

You can find my other introduction here :  http://www.runeworld.io/forums/index.php?/topic/721-zeven-introduction/page-2#entry5438


I understand for some of you it might have been confusing to see so many "owners" & "Managers" come by.

Don't worry, it'll be stable for a while and a more open feeling will be spread. 

With that a more clear view on how we run things down here !



Here is some more details on what I'm here for. 


Why am I here and how did I get here 


I'm here because Stan & Stuart are long term friends of mine.

They have been working for me and aside with me on multiple projects.

We have all our own field of experience.

Stan his Development, Stuart web security / web Development & a lot more and then you have me.

I'm experienced in managing communities and their staff.

You can take this as broad you can imagine, from approving suggestions, adjusting rules, manage way of working..future content and so much more.

All of those things is being done with the help of the staff team & community.



This means you'll be more likely to see me lurking around Discord and In-Game to have a chat with who ever is available.

-- Make sure to join our official Discord, click on the following link to instantly join ! --



Ofcourse I can't jump the gun and as said in my introduction.. .I'll be playing the game as much as possible so I can gain knowledge.

Any help with this is welcome !

Any questions can be asked and I'll be happy to answer them.  


Kind regards, Zeven.


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The breakdown of each of your guys' 3 roles was nice to hear. It's good to know that we have each of these areas being managed by someone who appears to know what they're doing :)



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welcome and thank you for clearing out who is who! really nice and we all look forward to see more and more growth in this server!

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