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1         Edgeville


1)      Edgeville needs to be back to its original state.

2)      Add the Edgeville Lever, it teleports the user to the Deserted Keep. This is located near the resource area.

3)      Add a PK shop which uses tier emblems like Oldschool runescape.
Users need to be able to trade their emblems or pking currencies to other players and to a PK shop.


4)      Remove the deposit box from the bank area, there is no use for it since you have a bank booth right next to it.

5)      Remove the current crystal chest and put it next to the NORTHERN doors of the Edgeville bank. This will make it user friendly.

2         Minigames/bosses


1)      Make Jad harder, Add atleast half of the waves to it. Regular members start at 50% of the wave (Wave 32) While Donators start at wave 42 ( this Is optional )

2)      Once adding the new jad system you might aswell add the new one. The INFERNO. This is a harder version of jad which gives you the inferno cape. This boss has a total of 69 waves.
Make regular players start at wave 1 while donators start at wave 8. Why wave 8? Because wave 1-8 is legit time wasting.


3)      More and more content is being added into oldschool runescape. Since this server is more oldschool based I would suggest adding raids into the game with the correct drops. This will attract more players to join the server.

3         Skillcapes and Skillcape perks.


1)      We have every single skillcape in the game but they are missing one thing. THE PERKS
Here is the wiki links which shows all perks.

2)      After adding these it’s HIGHLY recommended to add the master skillcapes as well (120 capes)


More will be added soon

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