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Update 024 - Restyled home, google authenticator, bugs

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Hey guys,

Sorry for the long interval between this and the previous update. I have been really busy lately trying to get some more funds together. 
Another point of concern, there is currently someone actively hacking accounts. I got word this was due to a database breach from the original simplicity player files and perhaps a combination of databases of various other servers. We take this very seriously and I am trying to obtain a version of the leaked files so I can figure out what accounts are vulnerable.

As an extra layer of security, I have now added google authenticator as optional two-factor authentication. If you have any issues after activating the authenticator, please leave a reply in our discord/chatbox so you can be helped immediately.



New home area (without objects):



Other patches:

  • Combat
    • Instancing
      • Fixed skotizo instance
      • Fixed KBD instance
    • Multi
      • Fixed skotizo
      • Fixed KBD
  • Skilling
    • Herblore
      • Fixed XP rates of poting making (rates are now its normal rate multiplied by 80)
        • Extreme attack, ranged, defence, strength
        • Overload
    • Woodcutting
      • Resource area / rogues castle
        •  noted logs now counts towards your achievements
    • Mining
      • Dragon pickaxe
        • Double ore gains now counts towards your achievements
  • Misc
    • Resource Area
      • Added rocktail fishing spot
      • Fixed noted resources
      • Fixed furnace
      • Fixed anvil
    • Fixed the glitchy hedges at camelot/herblore teleport
    • Double vote points day now actually gives double vote points
    • Prayer teleport now teleports you near the altar.
      • Access by clicking the prayer skill icon



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