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Trusted Rank

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We were discussing this in CC now and King Bodhi told me to forum it so here I am.

I think there should be a trusted rank IG where 2/3 players have this rank and have the ability to host gambling of some sort and they'd also be able to MM for players willing to stake in Champs Guild or what not.

The problem with gambling ATM is the PID in duel arena and many people getting f&*ked over by it and not wanting to do it anymore, and non-donors can't FP... And I've never seen anyone dice since these cost 1B in gamble store.

Certainly not urgent but it'd be a nice addition and I doubt it takes too long to implement

Note on trusted rank:
Must've played for 6months +
Never scammed
Traded trils from lost gambles

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Might give people a false sense of security, trusted people can still scam, and known gamblers are already holding a reputation so there wouldn't really be a difference I'd say.

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