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Staff Update - 12/10/17

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Hey everyone. There were some recent events so I would like to make a quick update.



@Dreamgam3r has been promoted to 7H0v98h.png



@Atlas has resigned from 7H0v98h.png

@Master cut22 has resigned from S5p12Wf.png

@X/Divine Winds has resigned from EIeeKXw.png


I would just like to say a few words about Divine. He and I have been close friends for months, long before either of us played RuneWorld. He was a great staff member with a terrific work ethic, and despite his skill at being a little shit disturber, he got shit done and made sure we did to. He always kept things light in staff chats and in game and his presence will surely be missed. All the best in what's to come and I hope you stick around with us for all we have in store. <3 :*

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Well, thanks for the opportunity :D Hopefully I can stop in and play a bit here and there when I'm not busy with school. Best of luck to the rest of you staff noobs, and congrats to @Dreamgam3r on being promoted!

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