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Skillcape perks + Master capes

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Hello there,


Skillcape Perks

I was testing out some skillcapes and I noticed that they had no perks on them.
for example: Ranged skillcape acts like an ava accumalator.

Click the link for a full list of every perk on runescape.


But these perks are too standard... What I would like to have is that some skills have custom perks and some have the original once.


Perk that stays the same : 1) Ranged skillcape : The cape's perk provides the ability of an Ava accumalator.

                                           2)  Cooking skillcape: The cape's perk causes players to be unable to burn food whilst cooking.



NOTE: These perks are made up, they won't sound really original or, aren't first choice but these are just examples!

Custom perk : 1) Herblore skillcape has the possibility of making (4) dose potions instead of (3) dose potions. This would prevent wasting time drinking potions to get (3) doses.

                        2) Prayer skillcape:has the oppurtunity to bury bones with the same exp rate as using an altar 
The cape has a 10% chance of a double exp drop when using bones on an altar.

                        3) Slayer skillcape: you can examine the cape and be able to ask for a new slayer task instead of running to a slayer master.
                                                   - You can also change your slayer master.


These are just some small examples of custom perks, I'm sure  you can think of other perks aswell for some other skills.

Master skillcapes or as we know them as 120 capes.

I think the idea of having the master skillcapes is good because there would be more motivation for grinding a skill, Yeah i know there are skilling pets but If you receive a skilling pet no where near the requirement of the master cape will you still grind it?

On Runescape the Master Skillcape is achieved at 104,273,167 EXP

The maximum exp in a skill on RuneWorld is: 2,000,000,000 EXP or in short 2B EXP
So how about we just add another 0 to the achievement of the master skillcape? So you would be able to achieve the Master Skillcape at 1,042,731,670 EXP. No?


There is one master cape that I would LOVE to be added into the game which is the Master Quest cape. ----> https://imgur.com/a/VIfSA
I think this should be added among with other quests, or if you've achieved every single master skillcape in the game.


Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Feel free to let me know if you support this or not, and maybe add some more custom perks down below!


Kind regards


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I like the idea of the 120 capes for all skills.

I'd also like to see epic looking capes for 2B exp, I've been maxed since June and I have NO motivation whatsoever to make a lot of skills 2b, I feel like a 2b reward will help that. Ofc a 120 cape for more skills than dung adds motivation, but that's only 5% towards max xp. 

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