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Candi's list of Greed

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Hello, all! 

Just thought I'd prepare a list of all of the suggestions I have. some may include $ incentives where possible... I'm poor these days but I'll support where I can. I know these incentives nowhere near cover the cost of development, and it is not my intention to steer the game in a direction using monetary persuasion.


1. Add examine text of crystal key location (south of ::shops, near edgeville dungeon)

2. Resizeable client fix. It's a pain in the arse to boss, generally mob, or loot, and I can't deal with the small screen of the normal client. For those who are not aware, resizeable client graphically updates based on current cursor position but your clicks register further down (so you hover over withdraw all, and it does withdraw x. or you loot an item, and get the one below it). 

3. - 100$ incentive total - I would like an item (or series of items) that loots (pickup to inv) the following  list (3a-3c) automatically. Your choice of how to implement it (via donations, 1k boss points, donor rank, etc.):

3a. Crystal keys & their components

3b. Caskets

3c. Effigies

**if partially implemented, I will honor 33$ per one of a/b/c.

4. - 50$ incentive - alternative to the above, a client update to show the drops you filter for. This would atleast help me realize I've grabbed the wrong item.

5. - 25$ incentive - update them loot tables (::drop). 

6. Edit on 12/13/2017: Ability to dismantle lavatic bars at gollum for 1m lavatic shards 


I'll list more as I think of them. This list is pretty short at the moment, my apologies.

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Sorry for the delay, Albaneso. 

For number 3, imagine a charming imp; it picks up the charms from the ground and places them into your inventory. 

I would like a similar item (or series of items) that do the same for Caskets, Crystal keys, Crystal Key halves, and Effigies. 

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