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Lavatic Shard NPC Drop

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Hey everyone,

We have decided to come to you with a proposition. We have considered adding Lavatic Shards as a generic drop among NPC's throughout the server. These drops would be a range of shards depending on the difficulty of the NPC in question. So, purely as an example, from a rock crab you would get 1-2 lavatic shards whereas from Mole or Kraken, you'd get 30-40, then 50-60 from Nex/Corp. The numbers are just to show how the scaling will be like, but it will be more intricately calculated if we were to do it.

This would offer a little extra incentive for bossing and general PVM, as well as helping with the grind of gathering Lavatic Shards for equipment.

The poll option for threads is unavailable atm so just go ahead and comment your thoughts below! Thanks everyone.


- RuneWorld Management

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Sounds interesting to me, however I do think this could easily abused by taking lower ones just due the shards which will cause less popularity at the revs because shards are being dropped outside of wildy. If we're going to continue, I'd like to see revs revamped and moved to actual spot example, revenant's cave on Old School Runescape. Because the basic resource of shards could be found at the Revenants due their pvp armour drops. 

Support from me if rework on revenants is taken along with it. Otherwise Neutral.

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