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Update 023 - Skotizo, Resource Area, revamps, fixes

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Hey guys,


Today's update:


  • Combat
    • Ice Barrage
      • Orb hits will now only apply after a successful freeze landing.
  • Item
    • Purple Slayer Helmet
      • Use dark claw on Full slayer helmet
  • Area
    • Added resource area
  • NPC
    • Fixed KBD Instance
    • Fixed Treasure Island safe spot
    • Fixed Chaos Elemental safe spot
    • Added specific drop announcements
      • Wildywyrm
      • Ganodermic Beast
    • Revamped Skotizo
      • Official Area
      • Revamped combat
      • Added Dark Claw to drop

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Thank you for releasing the updates :) Looking forward to do Skotizo in a lot more sexy room (sounds kinky huh)

Goodjob Stan,Jeroen. Keep it up!

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