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Update 022 - Rainbow Partyhat / Voting / Highscores / Fixes

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Hey guys,

First of all, I want to apologize for the inconvenience regarding the outdated client notification. For some reason, dropbox messed up the links that the launcher depends upon for updating everyone's client and cache files. I had a chat with 2 live support agents which ended with them initiating another long and painful email sequence. Waiting 3 business days for a reply I decided to reconfigure our links to a business account in dropbox that will be able to sustain the traffic (I am assuming this is why they messed up my links.) Smart marketing that's for sure.

I also updated the launcher code a bit which should make it more stable on different platforms.

New launcher: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rydbkwo3njmpjza/launcher.jar?dl=0




  • Voting
    • Added random chance for mystery box back
    • Made votes count towards achievements 
  • Items
    • Fixed godhide chaps  (was not wearable before)
    • Fixed fire cape model (was 3rd age before :P)
    • Rainbow Partyhat
      • b7f521b79ae3c4de1caca456a333024d.png
        • Combine red, white, blue, yellow, purple, green party hats.
      • Not tradeable
      • Not sellable
  • Champions guild
    • Fixed more than 2 players being able to get gear
    • Fixed the ammunition slot only having 1 of the ammunition type
    • Increased minimum players to 4

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