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Update 021 - Champions Guild (Community hosted FFA!)

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Hey guys,

For todays update we'll introduce something that has been demanded for a long time now.


Champion's Guild

What is this?

The champion's guild will basically be a revised and rewritten Free For All event. However, now player can initiate the event themselves. In order to participate, you must pay an entry price of 20 million coins. The winner's reward will be equal to the sum of all the paid entries. 
There is a minimum amount of players that have to be in the lobby before the game starts. It functions similar to other minigames such as Pest Control.

Where can I find this?


  1. Open teleport menu ( 'T' icon right of the word map icon)
  2. Select 'Minigames' tab
  3. Click Champion's Guild


  • Bank
    • You cannot take any items with you (except for coins.)
  • Trapdoor
    • Enter the trapdoor
    • f0eaa29f862ffaf0838a48d89ffec002.png
      • Leave area
      • Enter game
      • e9e32a8d26febcd0fee1ebea34c79c47.png
        • Vote for your preferred game type
          • 135bccd4d45494e1f1e0265efae093d4.png
          • Leave game


Other fixes:

  • Objects
    • Created a trapdoor system and a general interaction system (will be nice for future content)
  • Minigames
    • Created a mini games system 
      • Champions Guild is the first product of this, more to come.
  • Combat
    • Fixed multi combat NPC aggressions
    • Further improved certain combat calculations
    • Fixed freezing
      • now takes into account an accuracy roll (this to decrease the odds of continuously being frozen)
  • Prayer
    • Fixed issues with deactivating prayers (icon's messing up)

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