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Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

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Hey guys,


Sorry for the long time interval between updates at the moment. We're in the process of refining the entire streamline of operations that an update goes through. Our focus currently lies in improving the testing aspect. @Rangealldayii is promoted to beta manager, this position entails the supervising and managing of the beta team. This way, testers can shine a light on issues for the development team. Which saves a lot of time.

I have started some heavy rewrites in the server's core, this will allow the development team to do some really amazing things.

We're going to be hosting a huge community event soon as well, which we will advertise on a big scale. I am not going to say too much about it yet but the AI's will be involved. Oo and we will hand out a nice prize to the winner. 

Oh, and the Halloween event is extended for obvious reasons:s, sorry about that. I hope the reward will make up for it though ;)


Update log:

  • FFA
    • Auto disabled overhead prayers in FFA matches.
  • PVM
    • Donator Zone
      • Made it a non-aggressive area.
      • We're open for more ideas on how to improve this.
    • Corrected Forgotten King clue drops.
    • Increased attack range of Skotizo to fix a safe spot
  • IronMan
    • Added Stardust store to available shops.
  • Skilling
    • Smithing
      • Smithing bolts now give XP.
    • Thieving
      • Patched bug of pets being registered as guards and attacking you.
  • Items
    • Cooking brawlers
      • Added a value so players can purchase them.
    • Lavatic 1h sword
      • Added special attack
      • Made store sell value 2147m (for items on death priority purposes)
    • Trident of the seas
      • Made it possible to cast other spells than the staff-bound spell. 
        • Also added end graphics to the spell
  • Objects
    • Revenant town portal
      • Added walkthrough animation
      • Added missing pass requirements for the portal. 
        • Cannot pass while frozen as the player is supposed to walk through it.
  • Staff
    • Staff rank no longer negates potential donor benefits.
      • In terms of XP
      • In terms of double drops



the team :)

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Lovely update as always! Thank you Solution/Shane/Stan/Luka for working extremely hard. 

Looking forward for more, and keep it up!

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