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Price Guide

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Pernix ~ 8-9b ga6SmMF.png

Virtus ~ 8-9b vctc0u7.png

Torva ~ 8,5b zhcRZZQ.png


~ Hybrid sets ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Trickster ~ 6b-10b WCx9gaY.png

Battle-mage ~ 6b-10b pj8wwJG.png

Vanguard ~ 6-10b lw60zh7.png


~ Spirit shields ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Divine ~ 8b-10b xUu7do4.png

Arcane ~ 6B-7BYjsoxfX.png

Elysian ~ 5B-6BhuY9ZBt.png

Spectral ~ 1B-2B VxlxYtr.png


~ Weoponry ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Armadyl crossbow ~ 1.2b KeZZG4B.png

Trident of the seas ~ 750-850m hslypaI.png

Toxic staff of the dead ~ 2b zyW3WPG.png

Vine whip ~ 3,5b 9oY7N51.png

Kraken tentacle ~ 500-700m QqB1Uea.png

Blow pipe ~ 1b-2b XNPNkuc.png

Dragon warhammer ~ 400m 3UTxklU.png

Armadyl godsword ~ 400m-600m7irsIVL.png

Saradomin godsword ~ 45m rTCECDe.png

Bandos godsword ~ 45m AD2KQ6z.png

Zamorak godsword ~ 45m HRyKSJY.png

Dragon claws ~ 400m-500m o2g11Hp.png

Zaryte bow ~ 350-400m q4GyQBl.png

Korasi ~ 500m G1NWHmY.png

Staff of light ~ 20-40m VoG0KJz.png

Vesta longsword ~ 75-100m BcBuDxh.png

Statius warhammer ~ 40-60m DhYB3nL.png

Zuriel's staff ~ 35m mibS2Hj.png

Saradomin Sword ~ 10-20m NyNJUpC.png

Abyssal whip ~ 25m-30m Dm4JBro.png

Abyssal bludgeon ~ Unknown cDjceyD.png

Dark bow ~ 10m OZBytKq.png

Master wand ~ 10m ZKYbz5o.png


~ Barrows sets~  Pjaqm6r.gif

Dharok's set ~ 75m dVgNNFr.png

Karil's set ~ 60m 1h0Czr5.png

Torag's set ~ 30m qkrYGWG.png

Verac's set ~ 30m dlXbxVw.png

Ahrim's set ~ 60m agZxlNw.png

Guthan's set ~ 30m Msd5vjq.png


~ Armours ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Infinity hat ~ 5m oRLGaIZ.png

Infinity robe top ~ 5m 1Yo83ru.png

Infinity robe bottom ~ 5m RM8r4eR.png

Statius helm ~ 50-80m VXgBup7.png

Statius platebody ~ 80-100m gfkpP3g.png

Statius platelegs ~ 80-100m xPMBZxK.png

Vesta chainbody ~ 400m jKqcs33.png

Vesta plateskirt ~ 400m aTbbUYI.png

Zuriel's hood ~ 50m HvwAm84.png

Zuriel's robe top ~ 150-200m oKZMlPv.png

Zuriel's robe bottom ~ 150-200m nl72RpV.png

Morrigan's leather body ~ 300-350m QUVvKqC.png

Morrigan's leather chaps ~ 300-350m Dl2fKqa.png

Morrigan's coif ~ 50m W8Ykli6.png

Bandos tassets ~ 100-150m 8PvTK9G.png

Bandos chestplate ~ 100-150m QAnwVDR.png

Armadyl helmet ~ 40m Mu7yfVt.png

Armadyl chestplate ~ 75m cU6rvLl.png

Armadyl chainskirt ~ 70m aC0CMKP.png

Dragon kiteshield ~ 650m lWAkb5j.png

Dragonfire shield (dfs) ~ 100m-150m ez4KFlL.png

Full slayer helm ~ 700m-800m 1fmvEo9.png

Colored slayer helm(s) ~ 350-400m u91DFDG.png

Serpentine helm ~ 500m-1B pQd4AwO.png


~ Accesorys ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Ring of wealth ~ 50-75mm 8OvekXw.png

Ring of the gods ~ 200-250m 0s8iMwB.png

Berserker ring (I) ~ 80m AQbJJaV.png

Archers ring (I) ~ 70m r6ig5Gl.png

Seers ring (I) ~ 60-70m putLQP8.png

Warrior ring (I) ~ 30m 3Mgi796.png

Fury ~ 15-20m VveoFqp.png

Fury (OR) ~ 60m DhSNV1p.png

Blood necklace ~ 700-800m ge72WxC.png

Amulet of ranging ~ 5-20m BFWbBph.png


~ Boots ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Dragon boots ~ 10m qwI6n3r.png

Infinity boots ~ 5m AtCSlA0.png

Ragefire boots ~ 300-400m KDKCiLA.png

Steadfast boots ~ 300-400m 1GiX9Yf.png

Glaiven boots ~ 300-400m igxIKNc.png

Primordial boots ~ 2b rziVhRM.png

Pegasian boots ~ 2b 5iB6bRr.png

Eternal boots ~ 2b I83ySp2.png


~ Tools ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

D Hatchet ~ 20-30m kKUVAcK.png

D Pickaxe ~ 20-30m HoPBPHJ.png

Magic secateurs ~ 10m 88kD9Gg.png


~ Rares ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

P(arty) hats ~ 20b+(any color) Y6N89Pb.png

Custom P(arty) hats ~ 30b+ ArwaNWt.png

Santa ~ 1b w1PvExZ.png

Custom santa ~ 2b 1nTTGt9.png

Scythe ~ 1.5b s6xswJl.png

Flippers ~ Unknown CwCjvlq.png

Eggs ~ 750m LqBSdu7.png

Bunny ears ~ Unknown 3ypDsp2.png

Ornate katana ~ 10b IZCUMZ0.png

Icons ~ 5b aF1sril.png

3rd age sword ~ 7-10b TIxMbbX.png

Grain ~ 500-600m oqvdCEi.png

Sled ~ 6b uLYPbIU.png

H'ween masks (any color) ~ 2b ICn8l4A.png

Custom h'ween mask ~ 4b ubZ0G4f.png


~ Donation scrolls ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

$10 ~ 3B-4B Pjaqm6r.gif

$20 ~ 6-7B Pjaqm6r.gif

$50 ~ 10-20B Pjaqm6r.gif

$100 ~ 20-40b+ Pjaqm6r.gif



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nex sets: 13-15b 

tent,dwh,zbow,korasi: around 1b 

zuriels:300-350m piece 

statius 200-250m piece 

phats:6-7b ea 

katana,grains,sled,icons: way more what it says in ur guide (no exact price tho) 

steads,glaivens,ragefires:150-250m ea 

hween masks:id say 6-7b and custom way more 

b neck:1-1.5b ea 

ring of gods:600-800m 



abby bludgeon: 3-5b

elsewise good and clear guide:)



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