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Price Guide

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Pernix ~ 8-9b ga6SmMF.png

Virtus ~ 8-9b vctc0u7.png

Torva ~ 8,5b zhcRZZQ.png


~ Hybrid sets ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Trickster ~ 6b-10b WCx9gaY.png

Battle-mage ~ 6b-10b pj8wwJG.png

Vanguard ~ 6-10b lw60zh7.png


~ Spirit shields ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Divine ~ 8b-10b xUu7do4.png

Arcane ~ 6B-7BYjsoxfX.png

Elysian ~ 5B-6BhuY9ZBt.png

Spectral ~ 1B-2B VxlxYtr.png


~ Weoponry ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Armadyl crossbow ~ 1.2b KeZZG4B.png

Trident of the seas ~ 750-850m hslypaI.png

Toxic staff of the dead ~ 2b zyW3WPG.png

Vine whip ~ 3,5b 9oY7N51.png

Kraken tentacle ~ 500-700m QqB1Uea.png

Blow pipe ~ 1b-2b XNPNkuc.png

Dragon warhammer ~ 400m 3UTxklU.png

Armadyl godsword ~ 400m-600m7irsIVL.png

Saradomin godsword ~ 45m rTCECDe.png

Bandos godsword ~ 45m AD2KQ6z.png

Zamorak godsword ~ 45m HRyKSJY.png

Dragon claws ~ 400m-500m o2g11Hp.png

Zaryte bow ~ 350-400m q4GyQBl.png

Korasi ~ 500m G1NWHmY.png

Staff of light ~ 20-40m VoG0KJz.png

Vesta longsword ~ 75-100m BcBuDxh.png

Statius warhammer ~ 40-60m DhYB3nL.png

Zuriel's staff ~ 35m mibS2Hj.png

Saradomin Sword ~ 10-20m NyNJUpC.png

Abyssal whip ~ 25m-30m Dm4JBro.png

Abyssal bludgeon ~ Unknown cDjceyD.png

Dark bow ~ 10m OZBytKq.png

Master wand ~ 10m ZKYbz5o.png


~ Barrows sets~  Pjaqm6r.gif

Dharok's set ~ 75m dVgNNFr.png

Karil's set ~ 60m 1h0Czr5.png

Torag's set ~ 30m qkrYGWG.png

Verac's set ~ 30m dlXbxVw.png

Ahrim's set ~ 60m agZxlNw.png

Guthan's set ~ 30m Msd5vjq.png


~ Armours ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Infinity hat ~ 5m oRLGaIZ.png

Infinity robe top ~ 5m 1Yo83ru.png

Infinity robe bottom ~ 5m RM8r4eR.png

Statius helm ~ 50-80m VXgBup7.png

Statius platebody ~ 80-100m gfkpP3g.png

Statius platelegs ~ 80-100m xPMBZxK.png

Vesta chainbody ~ 400m jKqcs33.png

Vesta plateskirt ~ 400m aTbbUYI.png

Zuriel's hood ~ 50m HvwAm84.png

Zuriel's robe top ~ 150-200m oKZMlPv.png

Zuriel's robe bottom ~ 150-200m nl72RpV.png

Morrigan's leather body ~ 300-350m QUVvKqC.png

Morrigan's leather chaps ~ 300-350m Dl2fKqa.png

Morrigan's coif ~ 50m W8Ykli6.png

Bandos tassets ~ 100-150m 8PvTK9G.png

Bandos chestplate ~ 100-150m QAnwVDR.png

Armadyl helmet ~ 40m Mu7yfVt.png

Armadyl chestplate ~ 75m cU6rvLl.png

Armadyl chainskirt ~ 70m aC0CMKP.png

Dragon kiteshield ~ 650m lWAkb5j.png

Dragonfire shield (dfs) ~ 100m-150m ez4KFlL.png

Full slayer helm ~ 700m-800m 1fmvEo9.png

Colored slayer helm(s) ~ 350-400m u91DFDG.png

Serpentine helm ~ 500m-1B pQd4AwO.png


~ Accesorys ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Ring of wealth ~ 50-75mm 8OvekXw.png

Ring of the gods ~ 200-250m 0s8iMwB.png

Berserker ring (I) ~ 80m AQbJJaV.png

Archers ring (I) ~ 70m r6ig5Gl.png

Seers ring (I) ~ 60-70m putLQP8.png

Warrior ring (I) ~ 30m 3Mgi796.png

Fury ~ 15-20m VveoFqp.png

Fury (OR) ~ 60m DhSNV1p.png

Blood necklace ~ 700-800m ge72WxC.png

Amulet of ranging ~ 5-20m BFWbBph.png


~ Boots ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

Dragon boots ~ 10m qwI6n3r.png

Infinity boots ~ 5m AtCSlA0.png

Ragefire boots ~ 300-400m KDKCiLA.png

Steadfast boots ~ 300-400m 1GiX9Yf.png

Glaiven boots ~ 300-400m igxIKNc.png

Primordial boots ~ 2b rziVhRM.png

Pegasian boots ~ 2b 5iB6bRr.png

Eternal boots ~ 2b I83ySp2.png


~ Tools ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

D Hatchet ~ 20-30m kKUVAcK.png

D Pickaxe ~ 20-30m HoPBPHJ.png

Magic secateurs ~ 10m 88kD9Gg.png


~ Rares ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

P(arty) hats ~ 20b+(any color) Y6N89Pb.png

Custom P(arty) hats ~ 30b+ ArwaNWt.png

Santa ~ 1b w1PvExZ.png

Custom santa ~ 2b 1nTTGt9.png

Scythe ~ 1.5b s6xswJl.png

Flippers ~ Unknown CwCjvlq.png

Eggs ~ 750m LqBSdu7.png

Bunny ears ~ Unknown 3ypDsp2.png

Ornate katana ~ 10b IZCUMZ0.png

Icons ~ 5b aF1sril.png

3rd age sword ~ 7-10b TIxMbbX.png

Grain ~ 500-600m oqvdCEi.png

Sled ~ 6b uLYPbIU.png

H'ween masks (any color) ~ 2b ICn8l4A.png

Custom h'ween mask ~ 4b ubZ0G4f.png


~ Donation scrolls ~ Pjaqm6r.gif

$10 ~ 3B-4B Pjaqm6r.gif

$20 ~ 6-7B Pjaqm6r.gif

$50 ~ 10-20B Pjaqm6r.gif

$100 ~ 20-40b+ Pjaqm6r.gif



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nex sets: 13-15b 

tent,dwh,zbow,korasi: around 1b 

zuriels:300-350m piece 

statius 200-250m piece 

phats:6-7b ea 

katana,grains,sled,icons: way more what it says in ur guide (no exact price tho) 

steads,glaivens,ragefires:150-250m ea 

hween masks:id say 6-7b and custom way more 

b neck:1-1.5b ea 

ring of gods:600-800m 



abby bludgeon: 3-5b

elsewise good and clear guide:)



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Amazing price guide thread! Some prices will need some adjustments for now but Also in the future since prices change everyday.

Maybe add a right click option --> value?  @Stan
This option would be great for new players.

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Would be nice to see this topic getting updated, atleast weekly.
It's great to see the time and effort put into this, to make it as easy to navigate as it is, however, there are quite a few typo's in there. (Would be great to see those fixed, aswell)


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