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League of Legends

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I figured I'd post something regarding League as it's one of the most popular games as of right now, especially since it's free.

If you play League, share the following!

Username -
Region -
Rank -
Position Main -
Top Main -
Jungle Main -
Mid Main -
ADC Main -
Support Main -

If you have multiples, feel free to share.

I'll start us off.

Username - IceAppleX
Region - North America
Rank - Silver 2
Position Main - Jungle / Top
Top Main - Jax
Jungle Main - Jax / Shaco
Mid Main - Ekko
ADC Main - Draven / Jhin
Support Main - Leona / Soraka

Let us know what's up with your League stuff bois.

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Username - KiShoooo
Region - EU Nordic And  East
Rank - Bronze And Proud :D 
Position Main - ADC / Mid
Top Main - Tryndamere
Jungle Main - Tryndamere / Xin Zhao
Mid Main - Lux / Heimerdinger
ADC Main - Jinx / Miss Fortune
Support Main - Blitzcrank / Tahm Kench / Soraka

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