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Epok's Staff Feedback

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You know it already my friend. We know each other for long time now & you know how much I appreciate your work! I'm very honored that I joined this server!
I'm very excited about this server & it seems to be running very well! Good luck with everything mate & We'll see you in game a lot! K333333


I don't know where to begin with. I remember back in the days when I used to be really annoying & keep message you about tons of useless things but somehow we managed to have great contact & I feel we are good friends! Also I will say that to you as I did with Stan, the reason why I joined this server was especially you & Stan! 

I have a huge respect for you & I appreciate every single work you've done in the past but also what you've done with this server with Stan & rest of the developement team! It looks decent!


Before I even start saying few things to you, I might tell you that you & I used to play together few years back & without mention the server I can tell you that my name on that server used to be either 'Rasmus' or 'Tetris'. I really hope you can guess it, otherwise this gonna be very imbarressing for me.

You are a cool guy & second of all I want to congrat you on the position you have on this server. I know what it takes to be in such a important position as you have at this moment. Respect for that! I'm looking forward to hangout with you in game. As I can understand on some players you are quiete busy atm. Anyways, I've missed you & really looking forward to play rsps with you again! #BringBackMemories

@Divine winds

I know you as well from same place as Prophet & I can only say the same things as I did to him.

But I do have a few other things to say! Back when we played you use to be really annoying-.- But a huge respect to you! You are now admin & the job suits you perfectly! Respect for that & I really enjoy spending time with you on here! :) Keep doing your job & some day you'll receive an even bigger position! Believe in yourself mate!


Last but not least! The man I used to spend days, weeks, months playing with! You've learned me a lot about staff & you've learned me almost everything about being a staff member & told me basically everything about what it takes to be a staff member. Without you I don't know where I would have been today, so THANK YOU man!

Anyways, when I saw that you also were playing this game, I was freaking happy! My first though when I saw you was 'FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEA!!! #StaffPartner'! It's an honor to play with you again & really looking forward to spend even more hours with you then we used to do before!

#Cat #Ewwww

It's not because I forgot anyone, but I haven't really spoken with many of the other staff members, but I'll make sure to leave a comment as soon we've talked & know a bid of you guys! :)

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