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Cosmic rune


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I have some bugs that would improve the life of players on Runeworld. They are all simple bugs. + Some suggestions that i would like to see. 

1. You can take damage when you teleport away and it can kill you even if you are not near the monster.

2. You can die from a titan if you are just outside of a safezone. (titan bug)

3. You cannot enter kbd lair through wilderness. 

4.Altar at ::di does not restore drained stats. 

5. If you are crafting items it will keep making them even when clicking away.

6. "Right click" prestige should have a confirmation screen.

7. Daily task sometimes spams very hard. (should be able to toggle on/off)

8. If you note primal weapons they are able to be traded. If this is allowed why can't we also note chaotics and trade them freely? 

9. It would be cool to see who bought your items in the POS.

10. Void rushing is common in the wild and is very annoying because of the no risk at all. When you die with void it should become broken like on osrs and cost like 1-5m per peice that you have when you die. Could apply to chaotics/primals and it would be a good money sink in the game.

11. The only way to get imbued rings is pking,ti,mystery boxes so there is a lack of ways to get them. I would like to see a way to imbue them through paying boss point or some other point system.

- Berserker ring, Archer ring, Seer's ring, Warrior ring = 75 or so points to imbue.

12. More mini quests should be added in my opinion, I've always loved doing quests so seeing more would be awesome. 

13. Add crazy archaeologist and Chaos fanatic with odium ward, malediction ward included. ( if possible )

14. Revision of the teleport menu would be convenient because some of the teleport are pointless or lead to the same place.

15. Some content in the game is very dead such as some of the bosses and mini games. If some drop tables/rewards were reworked or improved it might bring the community to do them again. 

I will keep adding stuff if my suggestions/fixes sound good to other people. 

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1. This should be fixed, just incase if hcim dies to it. Support

2. Support

3. Support

4. Support

5. Explain please? Do you mean while woodcutting and teleport somewhere else?

6. Agreed, never did this but just incase if it happens accidently. Support

7. Support

8. Primal maul was supposed to be tradeable due dismantle shop. Primal rapier is at the moment untradeable. And about the 2h, I'm not very sure. But I'd like to keep chaotics untradeable due mbox, leg mbox, donating, dungeoneering. No support.

9. Neutral, I prefer a PoS history.

10.  Agreed, broken untradeables should be added. Void is easily to regear and return with 1 item and try to rush you or even rush during a war. Support

11. They're quite common from treasure island.  Neutral

12. Do you have any examples? Or ideas? We'd like to hear them. Support.

13. Support, I'd like to see actual range shield instead of using defensive shield like Divine, or Elysian.

14. @Cosmic rune Do you have a few? Mind to pm me them? I'll forward it to the devs.

15. Again, do you have few ideas what droptables can be revamped in better version? Support.


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I agree with what @Bodhi

POS should just be as it is, because tbh you sold an item, why be interested in who bought it???

I do have a few suggestions as well.
Charming Imp is untradeable, & I think it should be tradeable because it helps you a lot with the summoning & it's not everyone who wants to do summoning on the good old hard method. Also it's not everyone who wants to get it in other ways like; dung/boss points store or treasure island minigame. I think it would be a good idea to make it tradeable. If it became tradeable I think the price would be around 50-75m maybe more.

Otherwise I do agree with you in most of it @Cosmic rune

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