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Update 018 - HCIM fixes + Rewritten Icon system + More fixes

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Hey guys,

So today's update will be a little short. The next event clue will be available later today, actually, we will release two clues later today. I was aiming for one clue a day. However, due to some complications we experienced.
I was forced to suddenly shift focus on other things. I hope you guys won't mind too much for the additional delay. 

I have reworked our icon system and added a new and more efficient way of dealing with sprites in general. We'll be slowly transitioning over the old sprite system to the new one, which will decrease the client's memory usage by a substantial amount.
I added multi-icon support, so you can now have multiple icons.

Eg: a8ecc660c3aefdbe07556979789b0c1b.png

Icons now show up correctly in:

  • Private messages
  • Clan chat iron man
    • Still adding the rank icons for this
  • Public chat
  • Yell

Also, Dungeeoneering has been added to the Hardcore Ironman safe zone list.

Thereby, issues with selecting the regular and Ultimate Ironman game mode have been fixed.



The development team.

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Great little update. I love how the emblems show up now.

I personally don't mind waiting on that event, you've been super busy with tweaking HCIM for awhile now, which is looking AMAZING so far.

Thanks for the hard work on every thing, Stan. Don't work yourself too hard, my guy.

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Like Digimon said, most of us don't mind to wait for next clue. Every small update/bugfixes/fast things needs to be added is always welcome.

Quite sure I can say this, we are looking forward for end results of the event and the HCIM. Don't push ya self, and be strong and high ofcofc.

Thank you for releasing this cute update(let's call small things cute okay?). Keep it up


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