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Update 017 - Mopar = Simp ? HALLOWEEN! HCIM :D

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Hey guys,

What happened to Moparscape?

Before I begin sharing our amazing list of today's update, I first want to bring attention to something that occurred recently. Some of you might have noticed that we removed our Moparscape vote link. The reason, is quite disheartening, to say the least. Apparently, the former owner of Simplicity, by the name of Graham (owner of Moparscape as well) had decided to pull a rather foul move on us.

This Sunday someone in the staff team pointed out that all of the sudden our Moparscape vote link was being redirected to the Simplicity homepage. I was astounded and assumed someone must have hacked our website. However, the bafflement didn't stop there. It turned out to be the direct vote link from Moparscape, meaning that this was done by Moparscape directly.
However things did not stop here, the gold spot and premium sponsorship I bought for our Moparscape top list entry, was also being redirected to the Simplicity homepage.  

I couldn't believe Graham would actually commit such a desperate move. I had to find out his reasoning for this, how he justified his actions. Thus, I contacted him on Skype. Apparently, we shouldn't exist because our code is based on AJ's Simplicity.  To all of you unfamiliar with the RSPS development scene; Simplicity is basically a pimped version of Ruse with a few stains of AJ code here and there. Ruse is something made by Gabriel aka Swiffy, who I have worked with on Ruse 2. Graham reasons his judgment by calling us a Simplicity copy....

Yes, months after our release, in which we had multiple name changes and rewritten nearly all content, the argument in itself is so outrageous that it's nearly laughable.

I've also contacted Blake, who said he was not directly involved in this. I am not sure how he could not have been as there was a referral link from Runeworld in the redirect URL, thus there was analytics of the traffic they gained from us. But even if he wasn't directly involved, there was no apology or further comment. I find this very unprofessional and expect a proper apology.

This is no call for hostility towards Simplicity by any means. However, I had to share my side of this story. We might not have a top list and RSPS community at our disposal. But we don't need that either, we provide meat and don't steal others bones. That's what makes us grow. 

Thanks to the community for staying with us, we have a lot of great things planned!



Hardcore Ironman



First of all, we're releasing a new game mode. More information about this game mode you can find here:


I am giving the AI bots a massive upgrade, you'll be able to fight more strategies soon. However, due to some big rewrites in the system, I am forced to temporarily disable it. Will be back soon, more info on this will be in the next developer live stream :)

Halloween Event


Now regarding the Halloween event, I want to apologize for the delay. A lot of things came to our attention that messed with the time schedule. But after a lot of work and improvisation, we managed to prepare a nice and also quite hard event. 

The event concerns two brothers, Gabriel and Lucifer. The event will span over multiple days, every day a new clue will be released. So you cannot finish the event in one day. You may start it at Edgeville, near the wilderness edge. 

Of course, the event will have a nice reward waiting for you at the end.


Besides this here is a list of other things this update will include:

  • Game Modes
    • All IronMan game modes, items dropped by you will now disappear.
      • This is because all IronMan modes have received a drop rate increase.
        • IronMan = 10% increase
        • Ultimate IronMan = 15% increase 
        • Hardcore IronMan = 25% increase
  • Black plateau becomes Ice plateau once again
    • 55e49ceaf65d2a127b46bcbc790b3d15.png
  • Combat
    • Reworked a lot of broken combat formula's
      • this is a work in progress, we'd love community feedback on things that should be improved!
  • Skills
    • Rogue Castle
      • Noted rocktail now doesn't stop at 28.
    • Prayer
      • Worked on deflect summoning
    • Thieving
      • @quartz Added a neat dynamic thieving system
        • afb96a658271047c8a600e7a7e0c3baa.png
        • ec165a76fc6a94dec0eb9fd3b89871b2.png
      • Acces this by clicking on the Thieving skill icon in the skill tab.
  • Well of Goodwill
    • Added notification:
      • 7e84b3cc377a2364c6ce21c7e8788927.png
  • Donation system
    • Changed the notification to now include the amount instead of spamming.
    • Changed the notification to use the name of the item(s) instead of the price.
    • Rank now gets automatically updated when claiming items
  • Bosses
    • Added slashbash to boss point counter
    • Blits at treasure island now always announces boss points
  • Wilderness
    • You cannot use obelisks while teleblocked
    • You cannot use agility teleport while teleblocked
  • Help 
    • Rewritten the ::help system.
      • Staff can now more easily address multiple queued tickets.
  • Items
    • Tanzanite + Magma helms
      • fixed anti poison for bosses
      • reflect venom at enemies
    • Added lavatic 2H sword
      • Spec hits 2 times on NPC and 1 times in PVP
      • Distance Magic attack
      • Can be used to attack mages with
      • Costs 60% spec bar.
    • Veteran cape now has AVA effects
    • All gear in the shard shop is now tier 99

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Loving the update! I'll check it out soon as possible. Thank you Shane, Solution, Stan for releasing the update.

Goodluck to everyone with the halloween event!

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That's pretty... BS really but oh well... It's for the best you put them behind on strive for the higher/better goals you guys have set and are trying to achieve.

On the other hand this Event looks very nice and quite a good bit of fun to have :)

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What I've realised is you really cant trust big rsps owners, because all they do is play benefits on their own pocket. @Zeven and @Stan knows exactly what I'm talking about. Graham may have caused some inconvenience, but runeworld doesnt need such corrupted place to be advertised, we are independent and strong enough to gain attention without retarded people.


Nonetheless lovely update. I love to see how hard you guys are working out to make runeworld better place for everyone. Cant wait to succeed HCIM ;) Keep it up bros

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Brilliant update! Hope you all enjoy the thieving changes I made, was quite fun replicating the RS content and giving it a few rsps twists. Ardounge cloak is implemented (possibly only on stalls, I will need to check that) and is about half as rare as the pet.

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Tons of great updates guys, great work.

Regarding the Simplicity issues, it's sad, but this is how the RSPS community has become. Everyone is out to benefit for themselves, attacking other servers, taking their players, etc. it's depressing, but this is how it is.

All you guys need to do is stay true to your word, and be very sincere with your actions.

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Great update guys, I'm sure everyone's looking forward to HCIM + the other added content. I know I am :D This is another big step forward, and once it catches wind I'm sure we'll leave Moparscape behind without too much of an issue.

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