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Hardcore Iron Man !

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Dear RuneWorld community,
This is the moment so many of you have been waiting on ! 
We are proudly introducing you to the new mode, Hardcore Iron Man. 

Here is the explanation of the mode. 

You start out with 1 LIFE. 
This life will be lost if you die outside a safe zone

Safe zones:
*Duel Arena
*Fight Caves
*Pest Control


You can obtain additional lives .
1 LIFE is obtained by reaching 1600 total LvL & another one at 2000 total LvL. 
If you wait with claiming your "1600 total LvL LIVE" until you reached 2000, you get 1 extra additional LIVE on top of the 2. 
That means, you end up with 4 lives in total. 

Special PERKS of a Hardcore Iron Man : 

25% additional Drop rate boost. 
A special crown designed for HCM.

We also have a Hardcore Ironman Score board. 
That is like a highscore that shows a list with Harcore Iron man accounts and their play time. 
Keep in mind, you won't get play time if you become IDLE so you HAVE to play and actually be active In-Game in order to stay on the list. 

What if I die and lose my last live ?  
You become a normal Iron man and will lose the 25%  drop rate boost. 
You'll be stripped of the Hardcore iron man crown. 

What if I die in a safe zone ? 
You will NOT lose your live.

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