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**Read Before Posting** (Beta Tester)

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As a RuneWorld Beta Tester, you will have access to the official Beta Server, exclusive not-yet-released content, work closely with the staff and development team, and work to identify bugs and test new content for the server. This is not a "Staff" position, however players will be expected to still uphold proper behavior on RuneWorld, and to not use their rank to try and act above other players, and be a role model for the RuneWorld community, having been accepted as a Beta Tester. Any abuse related to your position through the Beta, or

Initial acceptance onto the Beta Team does not guarantee a permanent position, or official rank. Each addition to the team will be required to go through a short trial phase where they will work with the rest of the team, at which point the Beta Team Manager or otherwise will decide if they are to remain on the team. 

Thank you for your interest in helping the server, and good luck!


Application (Copy and paste):


Hours played (Proof):

How many hours a week can you commit to beta testing?:

Why do you think you would make a valuable part of the Beta Testing team?:

In 2-4 sentences, explain why you want to be a part of the Beta Testing team?:




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