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Accepting RSGP Donations.

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Dear RuneWorld community,

As some of you already noticed, we have increased in advertisement. 
Not only are we on several top lists with golden places we also invested into Youtubing.
For Youtubing there is a whole different ball game, our payment goes by RSGP.

Unfortunately our budget isn't too big so buying RSGP  for the rates it's now and paying the Youtubers for the selling rates is giving us a huge loss. 
There for we are calling in the help of you guys ! 
We are now accepting RSGP Donations. 
Not only that, if you donate with
RSGP you will have a 10% discount.


You can donate RSGP by contact either me, @Stan or @Prophet.

Keep in mind this is different then you would "buy" the RSGP. 
RS3 ~  8m - 1$ 
07 ~  1m = 0.90$

T0fbYiL.pngAll RSGP will be used to fund our Youtubing advertisement. T0fbYiL.png

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