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Update 015 - Well of Goodwill and bugfixes

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For a while now we have wanted to make the Well of Goodwill more communal, instead of one person filling it up every time. So we have updated it quite a bit:

  • Each player can now donate between 1m and 125m
  • The maximum amount the well can take is 500m
  • It is now tiered:
    • 25% full - 30% xp bonus for everyone
    • 50% full - additional 25% xp bonus for everyone for 1 random skill
    • 75% full - additional 50% xp bonus for everyone for the same skill
    • 100% full - 50% xp bonus for everyone, 100% xp bonus for everyone for the same skill
  • If you donate more than 100m you also get bonus points, it can be one of the following (chosen randomly at time of donation) - boss points, pk points, slayer points, pest control commendations and dung tokens.
  • The ::well command now gives a bit more information
  • Also we have added ::checkwell to show who has donated how much

Other bug fixes include:

  • Trivia fix for bandos boss combat level; it's now 624
  • Getting kills in FFA now counts towards your kill score (but you killstreak is not affected)
  • Global daily task fix, every task should give rewards properly now.
  • PKP bonus for killstreaks hardcapped at 10
  • Max cape has it's magic att bonus buffed to better match god capes
  • Primal, sagitarian and celestial have received a hidden boost, similar to nex sets.
  • 120 dung cape added to skillcape(t) store
  • Cooking brawlers are now buyable
  • Nex minions, slashbash, TI boss Death and abyssal sire give boss points now
  • Reduced the delay on opening effigies and combining items such as crystal keys
  • Hunter brawlers now give bonus exp in hunter instead of construction
  • Fletching rune bolts is now fixed
  • Superheat spell now gives smithing exp as well
  • Yell is now fixed so that ranks show properly

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