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Protect's Indroduction

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My name Is Protect

Age: 19

Born In Sweden but 50% Korean [No I can't speak Korean]

Real name: David - even though I'm 50% korean

Loves anime and sports

Definitely a hypebeast

Loves my family, one reason why I'm named Protect

That's about the basic stuff let's get into the detailed things


Good day ladies and gentlemen's today I will be talking a little bit about myself and what I do In my spare time.

I'm usually at work on weekdays so won't be able to play that much on those days, however, on the weekend I will be able to play with all of you.

I'm quite an energetic and fun guy, I'm currently In a relationship with ''one'' of my girlfriends. Nah, haha just kidding I'm loyal.

I have made many friends on this server so far, great community.

I've also had a lot of luck during my time on this server, that has led to where I stand right now.

Hopefully, I will stay on this server for a long time, since I quite enjoy my time here.

Anyways that's about It, If there's anything you're wondering about please feel free to message me It.






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Welcome mate, happy to hear you are enjoying your time here !

Hope to see more Forums posts from you :)


Cya around  !

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