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Stafffeedback 18/09/2017

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I know you for while. You as developer is what I can describe in one word, lovely.  

I have huge respect for your efforts to get things fixed and they get eventually fixed by you or by Quartz. (go sleep on normal times .-.)



We do know eachother for a while, I think nearly 2 years? We had some ups and downs and still here we are.

I've experienced/seen a lot of your work. Looking forward to see your thing here too which you're already doing.

Generally, you're friendly, amazing person. Also you are the person who we can talk about personal shit.

I love you Zeven, it'll never end.;)



I personally don't know you, or seen you talking bit just some heys and byes.

I would love to see from you more being close to the community which means, hop sometimes on discord voice and say hey, how are we etc.

Doesn't need to take a lot of effort, it does mean a lot to some players/community.

And as developer you're doing great. The updates are lovely.

Looking forward to see more activity with the community and ofcourse the updates too



Your work for Runeworld are still/will be always successful.

I want to thank you for your lovely work you've done for Runeworld.

I'm enjoying each of them, and most of us are enjoying it too.



You just joined the Developer team. I'm looking forward for your projects. This side I won't judge.

As normal player you do know a lot about RuneWorld. You are friendly, calm. I love that, thank you for being friendly :P 



Same story as Luka about community side. But I've seen you few times. You got sense of humor, friendly. That's what I've noticed so far.



We know eachother for a long time, I know your previous work with wiki managing.

You've been successful with managing a wiki editor(s) team.

Also done this text color into pink is due your rank, and the color pink stands for love/girlish, Pottie I love you, looking forward to see another period different server, wiki editor(s) team with you as manager. Keep it up.



We should get this with our names on it ;)


or this





I do not know you really good, but I've seen your activity is coming back.

I'm glad to see you more often. Looking forward to get you know better.

I can't give my honestly personal opinion, but what I've heard from the community and few friends. You're amazing person and doing good.


@Divine winds 

Robin hood, Batman's sidechick.

What can I tell about you?

To start with is, I will never understand the relation between you and few members of TR.

Why? Because you're amazing person, I don't see anything wrong with you.

We've even talked for a while and we got to know eachother little bit. And the day after we kept talking about random things.

Looking forward to be besties with you(that's what we call in The Netherlands as "best friends").

And that cute staff side of you, none abusive commands or anything. You're doing you job perfectly. Keep it up!



Mageallday/Meleeallday, first off, you are doing great, friendly overall.

You're willing to stay close with the community which is good actually it's more than good.  

We havn't talked personally or to get know eachother.

I would love to see from you to step up and experience entire new staff position as Administrator.

Btw, don't make me spam next time filling numerous attempts of guessing your birth city .-.



You are friendly, matured staff member, helpful. Keep it up man!

Everytime if I go to DI/Dzone, I just see you there and fishing rocktails way to 2b which is insane but also huge respect for not giving up.



Digimon or should I call you ditto? Because your name sounds more like a Ditto :P Back to the topic,

I don't really know you. Kinda same story with Luka. I would like to see more communication with the community.

I can't give a personal feedback on you. Sorry :/


@Master cut22

 Also same story with Luka/Digimon. I'm so sorry for not being able to give personal feedback.

But I can tell you this, you're being helpful and friendly :)


Slaughtered you few times during hp event that's what I 100% know about.

You're friendly,helpful. And a better grinder than @Divine winds with dungeoneering.

Looking forward get to know you better :)


I can also make this entire feedback into few words, Lovely, respectable staffteam!

(If I missed any staff members let me know)

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