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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestions

    Some of my suggestions for benefit of server and all it's playerbase 1. Server promotion 1.1 Rework vote system At this moment, vote system is absolutely useless and non rewarding. (which is why nobody votes and server is dying). main issue is only 2 vote links working out of 5 or 6 that there is. Really ? Fix it. Secondarily, rewards are honestly not so good, doesn't make me want to vote. I think rewards should be made more interest-catching. 1Hour of +30% extra exp instead of 10 minutes instead of 10 minutes. or 1-3 vote point random + random amount from 1-50m per vote instead of 1M + 1 point. Might seem excessive, but it'll get the server what it needs, it's 50'ish players voting once-twice a day for some extra promotion. 1.2 promoters Sounds a bit childish, but actually bares some results. There's always some people, who play couple servers at same time. Or players, who just are willing to join other servers to advertise for a reward. I offer to implement a new system of promotion, being like this. when someone advertises the server somewhere or invites a friend to join, that player who joins can enter a command like ::invitedby [name] or something, giving a point or token to [name]. 1 use per MAC aadress to avoid abuse. [name], having achieved 3 or 5 of those points, get's a chance of goodiebag pick. Goodiepack pick could be 4 extra rare items, like wine whip, divine, trickster, vanguard etc. piece (1 random piece, always changing), 8 being high-tier, like bp, trident, cash, nex pieces rest 16 being mid tier crap like stat, morrigan etc. Some people might say it would mess with economy, I disagree. So does donating then. it's still a chance, 1/6 to even get a good item, + it takes some effort to get 3-5 people to join. but if someone does that, he deserves this pick in my opinion. TO BE CONTINUED... 2. Activites for players. I think we ought to focus a bit into bringing our playerbase to work together, as a team and a family, instead of the division of players, that's happening now due to wilderness. We do have ::ffa, but it happes so rarely. As much as I don't want to advertise other servers, I do recommend developers check out this minigame. and create something similar. for fun alternation to pking in wildy. Ffa can stay like a rare big brother to this constant, low-tier rewarded minigame. winner of a match can get 1-3 pkp for surviving the deathmatch of 3-6 players. + buff void set a bit, making it more desireable for low tier players. Right now pest control is always empty, which is fairly sad. if it's rewards would be a bit more desireable, i think people would do it more aswell. TO BE CONTINUED... 3. Pets Currently pets are only cosmetics, but what if we introduce them to economy. make them tradeable and add some features to each pet, like +5% drop rate for pet's original and make pets merge'ble. e.g. use Zulrah pet on Zulrah pet, loosing 1 pet, gaining "prestiged" zulrah bind to account, making account get +10% drop rate for pet's original while using pet. nice alternation to steel titans and it would make their price and grindworth bigger. TO BE CONTINUED...
  2. Hey guys, This update will contain a lot of fixes and provide additional content for the game and the forums. 2017/08/23 - Changed “Toggle Panel” to “Toggle Special Attack” - Changed all “Simplicity” to “RuneWorld” - Changed Report A Player to go to correct section of forum - Fixed yell so that: - non-donators don’t get charged if they don’t write a yell - non-donators have a cooldown matching bronze (was 0 cooldown) - no-one can type empty yells - Moved 'good luck with your drops' to when you enter the room, instead of leave it - Enabled second farming allotment (some visual bugs remain, but it is usable and new client will fix the bugs) - Removed ‘wilderness’ from Frost Dragons label - Added wildywyrm to minimap 2017/08/24 - Wildy and Dzone magic trees no longer get chopped down fully - Changed runeworld.io to runeworld.org - Fixed trade message for X and other 1 letter names - Moved dzone teleport and items to within fence - Added new donator box Available for purchase in the Store - Created artificial intelligent bots FFA PKING 2017/08/25 - Fixed poison bug, now shouldn’t infinitely add on - Changed dragon darts from 7500 to 2500 (encouraging more people to use instead of rune) 2017/08/26 - Making sure non-sellable items say so when shop values them - Making the deflect summoning prayer actually deflect to the attacking player - Adding pets to unsellable lis 2017/08/28 - Added rune pouch to pk shop - Made chicken gear wearable - Updated forum theme Updated backgrounds Added Menu Items Play Now Highscores Vote Store Regards, Stan