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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, So today's update includes: Daily task fixes Auth claiming vote here: http://runeworld.org/vote Donation claiming Increased prayer book switching speed Fixed infinite prayer bug Made the water fiend at skeleton warlords non-aggressive Added Callisto boss Drops callisto pet an nocturnal and more. Player Owned Shops Made it impossible to edit prices while someone is browsing your pos (you can still remove the item) Added a notification for the owner if people are browsing his pos Improved price notation (doesn't round of to integers anymore) Intelligent bots An intelligent combat session we can divide into 3 sections. Initiation Processing Termination Initiation Similiar to our free for all events, gear and supplies will be provided to match the bot's combat strategy. A player can initiate an artificially constructed combat session by hatching a training bot egg. This egg will be obtainable both in-game and through the web-shop. It is tradeable and stacks in one inventory slot. Processing After initiating the combat session, a bot will spawn and your equipment and inventory will be set to match the bot. Then the bot will cast vengeance, pot up and select his prayers. You should consider doing so as well. Now you can start fighting the bot. Termination If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with one or more drops from the bot's drop table. Also, you will be rewarded with pk points and other PVP rules apply. FAQ 1. Does my bot disappear if our combat session is interrupted? If your combat session is interrupted and you leave the wilderness, the bot will turn back into an egg. However, the egg will not spawn in your inventory but lay at the spot where your bot despawned. 2. Can I drop or pick up items during the combat session? You may drop or pickup disposable resources such as consumables. Except not if the item is equipment or generally considered a valuable pk resource such as runes. 3. Can other players interfere in my combat session? Others will not be able to attack your bot, nor will your bot be able to attack others. However, others may attack you if your combat session with the bot is interrupted. Thus general PVP rules still hold up for the player, however not for the bot. 4. Am I able to receive pk rewards by killing bots? Yes. Same rules here apply as for regular player kills. 5. Are stats temporarily set to match the bot? No. However, if there is a lot of appeal for this we might code it in. 6. What happens if the fight ends in a draw? If both you and your bot die, the bot will turn back into an egg and added to your inventory. 7. Does this count for pk achievements? Yes. By the exception of the achievement concerning a PVP killstreak. However, when the player base goes up we might consider stopping this due to increased PVP activity (and thus increased opportunity.) 8. Do kills add to my killstreak? No. I feel that achieving a killstreak should not become pay to win. We might occasionally spawn bots in the wilderness that you can bounty hunt. As players can not directly control these fights, these will count for your killstreak. 9. How do drops works? Each bot will have a drop table based off his equipment and inventory set-up. The drop rules for this will be similar to that off regular NPC drop tables, all drop tables will be posted publicly. More information about how to obtain them will be posted shortly after the update. Regards, Stan