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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, First of all, I want to apologize for the recent issues we have been experiencing with our host. We were forced to switch from web-host as the previous one threatened to suspend us. All is cool now, this update will re-enable all database related systems (donations, highscores etc..) again. Some more housekeeping, as I mentioned above, @Luka has worked on a custom voting system. We will soon update the voting page with more vote links. After voting, you will be given a key. You can claim your reward by doing '::redeemauth <authkey>' in-game. (This system will be up and running asap. Server Fixes Daily tasks Fixed the rune-crafting one not giving a reward. Skills Changed max level from dungeoneering to 120. FFA Fixed weapon animation not resetting after moving out of an FFA event. The person who kills one now gets the regen instead of the one dealing most damage. Gambling Fixed planting on top of another plan overriding the color. Fixed superheat items. Added a command to remove spawned NPCs. Added magic coin orb to boss points shop costs 300 boss points works like Bonecrusher but than for coins instead of bones (coin drops go to money pouch.) (more will be added later, really sleepy atm) Misc Dragonkin lamps have been removed from the trivia store The bosses on treasure island give boss points now You need to be combat for 10 seconds before being able to logout (previously 5) Obsidian armour now has correct stats Primal gauntlets have received a buff, and are now superior to barrows gloves You will now receive additional PKP on the 5th, 10th, 15th etc. kill-streak Dagannoth kings respawn timer lowered further to 20 seconds Primal armour has been made tradeable again Also, I know lately things haven't been on speed. I was very busy with some IRL stuff, this is now behind me and I will be able to fully dedicate my time to the server. So expect a lot to come regards, Stan (and the entire team ofc)
  2. What is up guys! First of all, we hit 85 player last Friday which was again celebrated by a hp event. I want to thank you all who stuck by us in tough times and I welcome all the new members to our community. I would say we're on a distinguished road to the top. Oh ye, todays update will be a a juicy one We got a rewritten SQL system, this will mean all of our automatic systems will be back up. Auto donation claiming Highscores Voting You can now dismantle a set of items into shards. The items able for dismantling shall be updated frequently. The shards can be used to buy items in the dismantle shop and also will be used in an upcoming update for smithing a new custom armour set. Talk to Boromir at home to acquire more information. We have now added daily tasks to runeworld. Complete your daily task to receive an Mystery box, dragonkin lamp and 1 daily task point. Types PVM SKILLING 1 out of 3 chance of receiving double boss points Costs 5k tokkul to enter the instance Zulrah increased the respawn timer ( 4 times slower than the current one) Ganodermic Beast Nerfed max hit from 550 to 380 (with the multiplier obviously.) Removed ability to skull players Removed revenant dark beast at rev town entrance Added rift guardian as rune crafting store NPC Giant mole has been relocated Teleport Pendant This will be a new item that you can use to save your position in the map and teleport back to it at ease. Fixed elite void effect Added claim-x to 100m notes New obtainables Obsidian Helmet Obsidian Body Obsidian Legs Bonus adjustments Serpentine Helmet now has extra Ranged bonus Tanzanite Helmet now has extra Magic bonus Magma Helmet now has extra Strength bonus Home Relocated crystal chest (now is near the edge dungeon entrance, next to the yew trees) Achievements Upon completion the player will always receive a key. Commands fixed ::discord added ::$benefits opens donator benefits page added ::shops Short cut to the area in home where all shops have been relocated. Shops Vote store Added rune pouches Herblore store Added red spiders eggs Drops Improved treasure island drop rate Keys are now a normal drop Smithing you can now smith bolts (unf) MEDIA Big shoutout to @Luka, @quartz and the entire staff team for helping us realise this. We're moving in the right direction. Regards, Stan.
  3. Hey guys, This update will contain a lot of fixes and provide additional content for the game and the forums. 2017/08/23 - Changed “Toggle Panel” to “Toggle Special Attack” - Changed all “Simplicity” to “RuneWorld” - Changed Report A Player to go to correct section of forum - Fixed yell so that: - non-donators don’t get charged if they don’t write a yell - non-donators have a cooldown matching bronze (was 0 cooldown) - no-one can type empty yells - Moved 'good luck with your drops' to when you enter the room, instead of leave it - Enabled second farming allotment (some visual bugs remain, but it is usable and new client will fix the bugs) - Removed ‘wilderness’ from Frost Dragons label - Added wildywyrm to minimap 2017/08/24 - Wildy and Dzone magic trees no longer get chopped down fully - Changed runeworld.io to runeworld.org - Fixed trade message for X and other 1 letter names - Moved dzone teleport and items to within fence - Added new donator box Available for purchase in the Store - Created artificial intelligent bots FFA PKING 2017/08/25 - Fixed poison bug, now shouldn’t infinitely add on - Changed dragon darts from 7500 to 2500 (encouraging more people to use instead of rune) 2017/08/26 - Making sure non-sellable items say so when shop values them - Making the deflect summoning prayer actually deflect to the attacking player - Adding pets to unsellable lis 2017/08/28 - Added rune pouch to pk shop - Made chicken gear wearable - Updated forum theme Updated backgrounds Added Menu Items Play Now Highscores Vote Store Regards, Stan