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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, It's finally here, we have got ourself an amazing new banner: As you might have noticed we have grown a lot over the past 2 days, peaking today at 76 players! This is mainly due to the arrival of several youtubers and of interpersonal referencing. And it has booked a lot of success! However, now is the time to accelerate our growth even more, I bought 7 advertisement spots so far: http://boostbot.org/forums/index.php One in the header (visibility = 40%) One in the footer (visibility = 40%) https://www.rsps-page.com/ One in the voting page (visibility = 50%) One in the header (visibility = 30%) https://www.rspserver.com/ One in the header (visibility = 43%) https://www.moparscape.org/top-rsps/ One in various top-list sponsor spots (visibility = 55%) http://planetsgold.com/ Complete package of ad spots (visibility = 97%) I plan on monitoring these for several days/weeks to see which ones are most beneficial to us. Once more funds start rolling in, we'll be expanding this strategy and hope to acquire the most adequate advertisement spots. Once again, thanks for standing by guys. Welcome to all new players and welcome back to all returning Regards, Stan