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  1. Download links: Launcher Recommended play method Contains cache updater Contains client updater OS independent Windows Linux OS X (macOS) Download Link -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbky9oqww8ixrp6/launcher.jar?dl=0 If above does not launch anything, please try this one: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lakd7koh2n6yonr/client.jar?dl=0 or else, message me directly or use the manual debug client below. Manual Client (debug) Alternative play method Contains run scripts Prints out log data (useful for tracing errors) Windows ? open file -> bin/Play Windows.bat Unix/MacOS ? open file ->bin/Play MacOS Contains cache updater OS independent Windows Linux OS X (macOS) Download Link -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/wta5wykypsnjt6v/debug-client-runeworld.zip?dl=0 (bin/client.bat to start client on windows| bin/client on linux/osx) also you will need a tool like winrar to unzip the file https://www.rarlab.com/ Manual Cache Download Redirect to your user home directory For MacOS: Home folder (Shift + Command + H) For Windows: C:/users/user/ Create a folder "runeworld1.1" Download the following files: http://runeworld.org/cache/cache.zip http://runeworld.org/cache/data.zip http://runeworld.org/cache/images.zip http://runeworld.org/cache/models.zip http://runeworld.org/cache/version_list.json Put all of these files inside the folder you created in step 2. Extract all of the archives (files ending with .zip) inside the folder.