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  1. Lavatic Shard NPC Drop

    I think it's a good idea for higher bosses, although I believe there should be more of an incentive for slayer, because the lower level monsters such as rock crabs you explained, would be much easier to grind shards with a cannon than spending time at nex/corp for players with weaker equipment
  2. I got a nex pet yesterday at around 5pm central time, Digimon, God of Aries, Athene, and Alprazolam all witness me get the drop and support my claim that when I logged on today it had disappeared completely. I tried using another pet to see if my nex pet was stuck so it shouldnt have let me spawn the other pet, but it did without issue. If I could somehow get it back it'd be greatly appreciated by me, I worked really hard soloing nex for this drop and I'm pretty bummed its gone now. Thanks for anything you can do to help me, also my drop log doesnt show the pet either, so other than those players and my word, I have no proof...