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  1. Infernal Cape

  2. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    Username: Mason Discord name(required): Mason Age: 19 How would you rate yourself as pker on scale of 1-10?: a solid 4.67 What is your favourite pk style, and why?: Main ~ Range/melee switch How would you rate yourself as pvmer on scale of 1-10?: 8.5/9 What is your favourite pvm style, and why?: range - that dbolt spec Why do you want to join Divine Forces?: get better at pking/have friends to pk with & pvm with/why not Do you agree with the rules, system we’re working with?:Yes/No Rules schmules.... yes i do
  3. Hello! Im Mason

    Hey guys! My name is mason. Been looking for a new ps and I've decided to go with RuneWorld! I've played quite a few servers as a close friend of mine, Hank (may have heard of him) creates servers. I look forward to seeing you guys in-game! feel free to add and PM me @mason