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  1. Farwell but I will return!

    Good Luck man, I have exams coming up as well. we're both going to get great marks, promise.
  2. Rock Golem and Rift Guardian pet colors

    Love this idea! Here's what you're looking for?
  3. Hello! Im Mason

    Hey Mason, welcome dude, glad you're here.
  4. Xero's GFX Shop

    Any time, thanks for your support <3
  5. Hello, I'm Albaneso :)

    Nice to meet you officially, nice sig btw
  6. Awesome updates, nice to see an attentive staff.
  7. Xero's GFX Shop

    Any time dude, glad I could help
  8. Awesome updates, can't wait to try out the new ffa minigame. Yours, Xero
  9. ~A Introduction

    You blew it.
  10. zulrah buff

    Great idea, I think there is a huge gap between the ways to make money and the prices for certain items. +1
  11. ~A Introduction

    Hey man, can't wait to meet you, I'm like Divine but better in every single aspect.
  12. Sup all :D

    Hey Invictus, nice to see you again. Hope we can put the past behind us, glad you're here.
  13. Xero's GFX Shop

    So Glad I was able to help out.
  14. Divine Forces's Media

    Thanks for the support man, glad I can help.
  15. Gano Drop Called (:

    Jesus, I'm bringing you with me to every boss I go to lol, awesome job man.