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  1. Sup all :D

    Welcome to Runeworld man! I hope you enjoy your stay here! let me know if you need help in game
  2. I don’t have an yt account so can’t rly subscribe but I do like your work!
  3. Progress report

    Amazing man. Thanks for the donations & rly looking forward to spend more time with you!!
  4. halloween guide by suomitank

    Great vid @rsps tank it's good to have a guide for those who is having a few problems with this quest. You explain well & detailed. Good job!
  5. Epok's Staff Feedback

    @Stan You know it already my friend. We know each other for long time now & you know how much I appreciate your work! I'm very honored that I joined this server! I'm very excited about this server & it seems to be running very well! Good luck with everything mate & We'll see you in game a lot! K333333 @Zeven I don't know where to begin with. I remember back in the days when I used to be really annoying & keep message you about tons of useless things but somehow we managed to have great contact & I feel we are good friends! Also I will say that to you as I did with Stan, the reason why I joined this server was especially you & Stan! I have a huge respect for you & I appreciate every single work you've done in the past but also what you've done with this server with Stan & rest of the developement team! It looks decent! K33333 @Prophet Before I even start saying few things to you, I might tell you that you & I used to play together few years back & without mention the server I can tell you that my name on that server used to be either 'Rasmus' or 'Tetris'. I really hope you can guess it, otherwise this gonna be very imbarressing for me. You are a cool guy & second of all I want to congrat you on the position you have on this server. I know what it takes to be in such a important position as you have at this moment. Respect for that! I'm looking forward to hangout with you in game. As I can understand on some players you are quiete busy atm. Anyways, I've missed you & really looking forward to play rsps with you again! #BringBackMemories @Divine winds I know you as well from same place as Prophet & I can only say the same things as I did to him. But I do have a few other things to say! Back when we played you use to be really annoying-.- But a huge respect to you! You are now admin & the job suits you perfectly! Respect for that & I really enjoy spending time with you on here! Keep doing your job & some day you'll receive an even bigger position! Believe in yourself mate! @Bodhi Last but not least! The man I used to spend days, weeks, months playing with! You've learned me a lot about staff & you've learned me almost everything about being a staff member & told me basically everything about what it takes to be a staff member. Without you I don't know where I would have been today, so THANK YOU man! Anyways, when I saw that you also were playing this game, I was freaking happy! My first though when I saw you was 'FUUUUUUCK YEEEEEA!!! #StaffPartner'! It's an honor to play with you again & really looking forward to spend even more hours with you then we used to do before! #Cat #Ewwww It's not because I forgot anyone, but I haven't really spoken with many of the other staff members, but I'll make sure to leave a comment as soon we've talked & know a bid of you guys!
  6. Epok's Suggestions

    Hello Community. I have a few suggestions that I want to share with you guys. The suggestions I have is basically based on skilling (Woodcutting & Summoning) & also having some other suggestions for the shops & altars. Woodcutting I think it would be good if developers could add; Dragon Hatchet/axe to the woodcutting shop & add the price of it. Summoning Make Charming Imp tradeable reason why is because it's very helpfull for summoning & I think personal it's a good idea to make it tradeable & instead of having them in those shops already, then add it to etc. prestige shop or donator shop. Shops: I think it would be a good idea to move the shops overhere instead of the altars. Reason why; I think it would be good to move them overthere because most of us is around bank & the location where they are now, there's barely people there. Altars: Move the altars overhere, the only reason why is because in my eyes, it will look much cooler & it will fit very well in game. My last suggestion for this time is; Add 'City teleport' into the spell book, reason why is because etc. if you doing clue scrolls & you have to teleport to a City, you have to walk or find a skill that teleports you to the nearest spot. also I don't we need 2 different home teleports, since we already have '::home' as a teleport.???? Any thoughts? let me know.
  7. Gambling Prob (how to lose bills quickly)

    Hey man. Never had the chance to talk with you in game, but as you say you'll be back & i will look forward to that When you gambling stuff it's always a risk, no matter how lucky you are & how many times you've won it will still be risky as hell everytime. When you're back, it would be nice to rebuild bank with you if you are interested. -Epok
  8. fixes/suggestions.

    I agree with what @Bodhi POS should just be as it is, because tbh you sold an item, why be interested in who bought it??? I do have a few suggestions as well. Charming Imp is untradeable, & I think it should be tradeable because it helps you a lot with the summoning & it's not everyone who wants to do summoning on the good old hard method. Also it's not everyone who wants to get it in other ways like; dung/boss points store or treasure island minigame. I think it would be a good idea to make it tradeable. If it became tradeable I think the price would be around 50-75m maybe more. Otherwise I do agree with you in most of it @Cosmic rune
  9. Epok’s Introduction

    Ewww!!! thanks for the kind words @Bodhi I also miss the good old days we used to have! But hopefully it will the same on here!! Love you 2 man! #RWGANG!
  10. Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

    Looks good with the update mate!! Damn you are terrible at edit with full map.... JK!! it looks good man! Looking forward to see what else happens!
  11. It is really basic guide yes. But the reason why I made that guide is because it's not on all rsps servers that you have to click on the fire to choose the rest of the logs. Many servers is clicking on each log to put them on fire. That's the mainly reason why I made this guide
  12. Runeworld Firemaking Guide (easiest & fastest way to level 99!) I know every one knows how to level up firemaking, but I will make a detailed & helpfull guide anyway. Step 1: On RuneWorld we've been able to make teleport through the skillmap, so where ever you wanna go skill, you simply just go on your skilltab Step 2: First of all you need some logs & a tinderbox (Logs & Tinderbox can be bought at Firemaking shop) Step 3: The fastest method to level up firemaking When you have opened fire you simply just click on the fire & it will ask you how many logs you wanna open (Click the amount of the rest of logs you have in inventory.) This is my first guide so if you have any ideas that could be added on the guide or future guides, let me know!
  13. Epok’s Introduction

    Would be nice to have a chat with you & every one else @Atlas
  14. Epok’s Introduction

    Hello Dear Community. Epok here! Ive been looking around on forum & I do see a few well known names a bid info about me: 20 years old living in Denmark job: working full time as Electrician Well known with Zeven & few other as well! Looking forward to meet you all in game very soon!