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  1. Sup all :D

    Hello. I guess it’s nice to see a new face around here hope to see many more.
  2. Gano Drop Called (:

    damn bro, not bad
  3. Xero's GFX Shop

    post Imgur, cubeupload, tinypic links to post, Easy fix.
  4. Xero

  5. Price Guide

    Not bad looks pretty clean love the little pixels haha
  6. Revised Teleports + Suggestions

    I vouch for this.
  7. scythe

    Agreed with squish it’s not something that’s needed, would be cool but many other things to fix before this
  8. Holy smoke, that's pretty good... 200 boxes haha not bad loot would like to see more box openings make Donor boxes at a later stage
  9. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    Neutral. This is a good idea but then again it's becoming too op and too far from what this game is desired to kinda be, less customs, less op items etc etc.
  10. [RSPS] RuneWorld - Progress Video [Ep.1]

    Commentary, I’ve seen some of your vids before they are pretty good
  11. Progress report

    So I've played just over a week total, 3 days over a week. http://prntscr.com/h75yyr Proof of time played. So I came on here thanks to Zeven introducing me to this server he has been apart of. The community is very small can be toxic at times but I have seemed to fit into this place really well, Thank you to everyone for making this server so much fun and a place like home where I can participate in lots of things and enjoy every moment of that. I have come on donating quite a bit as you may have seen in the screen... $1090 yea my goal is to become the #1 donator and maybe become some what pf higher rank to this server, I think I have finally found my resting ground. As said above and will say it again... Thank you everyone for making this server so much fun and a real place to grow and learn many things.
  12. What are the do rates per log aka yew magic willow oak ?