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  1. Cya boiz

    Sad to see you go mate You we're definetily one player that I enjoyed playing on this server. Have fun in the future and happy new year to you aswell See ya CuntLad
  2. 100m not pos?

    No support on this. Why? By implementing this idea it would mean that players could use items on the POS in return for 100M notes. Now why is this a bad idea? This would ruin the economy cause their won't be any player to player based economy anymore. The POS acts as a Grand Exchange and should stay like that. If you want to improve the POS consider adding TAX on it. This will prevent that the economy would crash.
  3. Suggestion list

    1 Edgeville 1) Edgeville needs to be back to its original state. 2) Add the Edgeville Lever, it teleports the user to the Deserted Keep. This is located near the resource area. 3) Add a PK shop which uses tier emblems like Oldschool runescape. Users need to be able to trade their emblems or pking currencies to other players and to a PK shop. 4) Remove the deposit box from the bank area, there is no use for it since you have a bank booth right next to it. 5) Remove the current crystal chest and put it next to the NORTHERN doors of the Edgeville bank. This will make it user friendly. 2 Minigames/bosses 1) Make Jad harder, Add atleast half of the waves to it. Regular members start at 50% of the wave (Wave 32) While Donators start at wave 42 ( this Is optional ) 2) Once adding the new jad system you might aswell add the new one. The INFERNO. This is a harder version of jad which gives you the inferno cape. This boss has a total of 69 waves. Make regular players start at wave 1 while donators start at wave 8. Why wave 8? Because wave 1-8 is legit time wasting. 3) More and more content is being added into oldschool runescape. Since this server is more oldschool based I would suggest adding raids into the game with the correct drops. This will attract more players to join the server. 3 Skillcapes and Skillcape perks. 1) We have every single skillcape in the game but they are missing one thing. THE PERKS Here is the wiki links which shows all perks. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Cape_of_Accomplishment 2) After adding these it’s HIGHLY recommended to add the master skillcapes as well (120 capes) More will be added soon
  4. Awesome work Stan! I'm happy i was able to test these things
  5. Trusted Rank

    Full support on this! I've joined many servers with this kind of system and they work pefectly, It prevents scamming and cleaning.
  6. Price guide (unofficial)

    Use CTRL + F for quick search. Nex sets + Weapons Torva : 15 - 16B Pernix : 15 - 16B Virtus : 15 - 16B Zaryte bow : 1B PVP Armour sets Vesta's : 700 - 800M Statius : 700 - 800M Morigan's : 600 - 700M Zuriel's : 700 - 800M PVP Weapons Vesta's longsword : 100 - 125M Statius Warhammer : 100 - 125M Morrigan's Throwingaxes : 200 - 300K each Zuriel's Staff : 100 - 125M Godwars Armour sets Bandos : 200 - 300M Armadyl : 150 - 200M Godwars weapons Bandos Godsword : 45M Zamorak Godsword : 45M Saradomin Godsword : 55M Armadyl Godsword : 450 - 550M Armadyl Crossbow : 1 - 1,2B Barrow's box sets Dharok's : 75M Verac's : 75M Torag's : 75M Guthan's : 75M Karil's : 75M Ahrim's : 75M Weaponary Abyssal whip : 25M Abyssal Vine whip : 3 - 3,5B Abyssal Tentacle whip : 1B Abyssal Bludgeon : 3,5 - 4,5B Dragon Claws : 450M Dragon Warhammer : 1B Korasi's sword : 1B Master Wand : 7M Staff of Light : 25 - 35M Jewelery Berserker ring : 35M Warrior ring : 25,5M Archer's ring : 25M Seer's ring : 25M Berserker ring (i) : Warrior ring (i) : Archer's ring (i) : Seer's ring (i) : Ring of the gods : 200 - 250M Ring of wealth : 40M Ring of wealth (i) : Blood necklace : 1 - 1,5B Amulet of fury : 10M Boots Infinity boots : 5M Dragon boots : 20M Ragefire boots : 150M Steadfast boots : 150 - 200M Glaiven boots : 150 - 200M Rares Blue partyhat : 5 - 7B White partyhat : 5 -7B Green partyhat : 5 - 7B Purple partyhat : 5 - 7B Red partyhat : 5 - 7B Yellow partyhat : 5 - 7B Blue h'ween mask : 3 - 5B Green h'ween mask : 3 - 5B Red h'ween mask : 3 - 5B NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS NOT FINISHED YET I WILL FINISH THIS TOMORROW HOPEFULLY. PRICES THAT ARE INCORRECT CAN BE EDITABLE!
  7. Staff Update - 12/10/17

    Gratz to the people who got promoted! rip the resigned folks
  8. Was a good Ride

    Sad to see you go as an admin mate, In all of my rsps experience.. You're were definetly one of the best admins i've seen out there! I will miss the popup in the chat that Admin X logged in. I'll see ya ingame
  9. Infernal Cape

    Full support on this, I would love to see this type of content. Hopefully this could be added among with every single wave in it. Maybe add like a competition of who could achieve the cape first? I will stream this 24/7
  10. This Or That

    Defense is the best offense Twitch or YouTube?
  11. Ocean man

    ? OCEAN MAN ? ? Take me by the hand ✋ lead me to the land that you understand ? ? OCEAN MAN ? ? The voyage ? to the corner of the ? globe is a real trip ? ? OCEAN MAN ? ? The crust of a tan man ? imbibed by the sand ? Soaking up the ? thirst of the land ? What a shame they don't support emojis
  12. This Or That

    Few good friends cause ya know... #SquadGoals Marvel or DC universe?
  13. Suggestion list(kinda huge)

    Support on all I didn't know this post excisted so I made my own one aswell
  14. Skillcape perks + Master capes

    Hello there, Skillcape Perks I was testing out some skillcapes and I noticed that they had no perks on them. for example: Ranged skillcape acts like an ava accumalator. Click the link for a full list of every perk on runescape. https://imgur.com/a/t8Dtp But these perks are too standard... What I would like to have is that some skills have custom perks and some have the original once. Perk that stays the same : 1) Ranged skillcape : The cape's perk provides the ability of an Ava accumalator. 2) Cooking skillcape: The cape's perk causes players to be unable to burn food whilst cooking. NOTE: These perks are made up, they won't sound really original or, aren't first choice but these are just examples! Custom perk : 1) Herblore skillcape has the possibility of making (4) dose potions instead of (3) dose potions. This would prevent wasting time drinking potions to get (3) doses. 2) Prayer skillcape:has the oppurtunity to bury bones with the same exp rate as using an altar - The cape has a 10% chance of a double exp drop when using bones on an altar. 3) Slayer skillcape: you can examine the cape and be able to ask for a new slayer task instead of running to a slayer master. - You can also change your slayer master. These are just some small examples of custom perks, I'm sure you can think of other perks aswell for some other skills. Master skillcapes or as we know them as 120 capes. I think the idea of having the master skillcapes is good because there would be more motivation for grinding a skill, Yeah i know there are skilling pets but If you receive a skilling pet no where near the requirement of the master cape will you still grind it? On Runescape the Master Skillcape is achieved at 104,273,167 EXP The maximum exp in a skill on RuneWorld is: 2,000,000,000 EXP or in short 2B EXP So how about we just add another 0 to the achievement of the master skillcape? So you would be able to achieve the Master Skillcape at 1,042,731,670 EXP. No? There is one master cape that I would LOVE to be added into the game which is the Master Quest cape. ----> https://imgur.com/a/VIfSA I think this should be added among with other quests, or if you've achieved every single master skillcape in the game. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Feel free to let me know if you support this or not, and maybe add some more custom perks down below! Kind regards ~Albaneso
  15. Candi's list of Greed

    Option 1 and 2 = full support! Option 3: I don't get what you are saying.