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  1. New Clan In Town

    sexy lads.
  2. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    sick ideas +1 this has to be done
  3. Epok’s Introduction

  4. Update 019 - Hween clues 2 & 3 + Fixes

    good stuff stan
  5. This is my suggestion for adding an additional benefit to donator ranks. I see alot of 1/20th chance to double pkp or 1/20 chance to save runes when casting spell. My idea was, diamond has 100% double drop and that's cool that should stay, but why not add something like this to the other ranks. For example like the 1/20th chance to save runes or what ever why not give silver+ at least a chance to double their loot even if its 1/25 or 1/20 what ever it is: i just think it'd provoke more people to donate for donor, and would be pretty cool to look forward to seeing if u get lucky enough to get a double drop. Like i said the chance doesn't need to be high, but i think it'd be cool thanks.

    Did someone say crack?
  7. Hi. Read this or your stupid.

    you right my b i was wrong
  8. Hi. Read this or your stupid.

    Sike your stupid anyways. Guys please ive been dungeoning for like 10 hours leave me alone
  9. Demonic Gorillas

    great idea, also can this man get upgraded to diamond donor on forums
  10. 20$ GIVEAWAY and PKING BOTS?!

    cmon baby!~
  11. Hunger Games under construction !

    OMG this thread is lit