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  1. Hunger Games under construction !

    Excited for this to be released
  2. bo3 pub stomping

    ill pm you all next week, I got a temp console ban yesterday..
  3. bo3 pub stomping

    Any xbox 1 players out there who have bo3 and want to witness pure destruction? add me to play: Iammichael5
  4. Hardcore ironman

    There's already regular ironman and ultimate ironman, why not spice things up a bit and add a hardcore ironman?
  5. Custom skilling pet

    That's true, but you could use it as a method of drawing in more people. Something other private servers wouldn't have.
  6. Custom skilling pet

    So I've mentioned this in cc before, but it would be neat if custom pets were added for skills that don't have pets. For example, if contruction had a morty hammer, from rick and morty. Or if smithing had a mini anvil that hops behind you. Cool things like that. But yeah, custom skill pets.