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  1. Staking vid 40b+ giveaway

    good old stacking days i know how it feels:( nice of him to mention my name though
  2. Trusted Rank

    great idea I like this very much also
  3. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    looks good man!
  4. hey everyone today is a sad day in runeworld lol and just kidding life goes on I had a great time on this server but I'm going to say farwell for a little bit (I will be back in the future) most of you didn't like me anyway but that's okay I tried to change myself and be more calm and try to grow friends and somehow I still got backstabbed anyway it was rly nice to meet you all and thankyou to the owners for giving me a 2nd chance means a lot to me here is a little video of me losing bank so most of you get that smile on your faces cioa for now and see you all again very soon
  5. Hello RuneWorld

    u do have to be good but at the same time your attacking the same player whos constantly eating he wouldn't even be able to hit your other accounts if you have 1 account at lets say revs then another at wildy wyrm and another at iunno gano then okay no problem its harder to pk on 3 accounts but if there all in 1 spot attacking 1 person not so hard after all
  6. Hello RuneWorld

    hey guys I wana do a suggest about wilderness a lot of people are sick and tired of dying to people using more then 1 account for there advantage for example 2 ppl in a team having 3 accounts each is 6 ppl that's totally unfair we should make it fair for all players and new players who want to pk in wilderness there should be a rule to only have 1 account at all times in wilderness weather its roaming around rev killing wildy wyrm anything thanks for reading I know most of you will disagree but lets make it fair for everyone thanks!
  7. Hello RuneWorld

    wanted to say thank you to stan for a 2nd chance means a lot server is great haven't found 1 that has been better