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  1. good work stan
  2. Infernal Cape

    support from me too! would love to see inferno ingame.
  3. Staff Update - 12/10/17

    thanks boi:)
  4. Staff Update - 12/10/17

    thanks guys and girl and sad to see that many good staff members gone:(
  5. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    i hardly see u here anymore and activity is big part for our team. Also if 1 of reason is that you want to be safe in wildy, that sounds like abusement of our clan to me:P //declined
  6. This Or That

    mercedes ofc monster energy on redbull?
  7. This Or That

    bodhi. hes funny guy
  8. zulrah buff

    as u all know zulrah got nerfed a big time. I think drops got nerfed like 10x? so im suggesting to buff them back to like half of what they was originally, so runite ore drop would give 60 ores not 10 etc. this would be good constant moneymaker for new people. I see alot new people askin what they can do for getting money cause item prices are what they are atm... Alot people struggle with moneymaking and some even quit cause that. this buff still wouldnt be too overpowered but would offer some effective moneymaker and it would be like 300-500m/hour id say. -Dreamgam3r
  9. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    #divineforces rules
  10. Divine Forces's Media

    good work guys
  11. Price Guide

    nex sets: 13-15b tent,dwh,zbow,korasi: around 1b zuriels:300-350m piece statius 200-250m piece phats:6-7b ea katana,grains,sled,icons: way more what it says in ur guide (no exact price tho) steads,glaivens,ragefires:150-250m ea hween masks:id say 6-7b and custom way more b neck:1-1.5b ea ring of gods:600-800m serp:1-1.2b dkite:1b+ abby bludgeon: 3-5b elsewise good and clear guide:)
  12. 100m not pos?

    or then just take off the cap of 2.1b? it would be more clear imo
  13. scythe

    yea it isnt any important but just cool:P i still would like to see this ingame and i think it would be pretty fast to fix
  14. scythe

    could it be possible to swap scythe to 1 handed weapon and so u could held it in just 1 hand? or some kinda option to swap it how u held it (in 1 or 2 hands). and if possible u could wear shield with it when u held it in 1 hand. I think scythe is 1 of best looking items ingame but not as cool at 2 handed what it should be:P tell me what u think about it:) -Dreamgam3r
  15. fixes/suggestions.

    i think if u can trade primal weapons as noted it just should be fixed so u cant trade them anyway and same with chaotics.