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  1. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    #divineforces rules
  2. Divine Forces's Media

    good work guys
  3. Price Guide

    nex sets: 13-15b tent,dwh,zbow,korasi: around 1b zuriels:300-350m piece statius 200-250m piece phats:6-7b ea katana,grains,sled,icons: way more what it says in ur guide (no exact price tho) steads,glaivens,ragefires:150-250m ea hween masks:id say 6-7b and custom way more b neck:1-1.5b ea ring of gods:600-800m serp:1-1.2b dkite:1b+ abby bludgeon: 3-5b elsewise good and clear guide:)
  4. 100m not pos?

    or then just take off the cap of 2.1b? it would be more clear imo
  5. scythe

    yea it isnt any important but just cool:P i still would like to see this ingame and i think it would be pretty fast to fix
  6. scythe

    could it be possible to swap scythe to 1 handed weapon and so u could held it in just 1 hand? or some kinda option to swap it how u held it (in 1 or 2 hands). and if possible u could wear shield with it when u held it in 1 hand. I think scythe is 1 of best looking items ingame but not as cool at 2 handed what it should be:P tell me what u think about it:) -Dreamgam3r
  7. fixes/suggestions.

    i think if u can trade primal weapons as noted it just should be fixed so u cant trade them anyway and same with chaotics.
  8. braw gloves to shards

    Im suggesting option to convert brawling gloves to shards, they could give u atleast 6k shards as they are alot harder to get than mbox which gives u 4k. That would be realistic amount and give some use for extra gloves. Hope u like my suggestion and i would be glad to see this ingame:)
  9. healing effect to bneck

    there isnt gear to hit constant 80's and it would be bit better than 1/8:P 1/6 or something
  10. healing effect to bneck

    what people would think about adding healing effect to blood necklace? bneck has healing effect normally and it would be very useful at pvming:P Effect could be something like 1/4 of damage and that wouldnt be too op imo. tell me ur thoughts about it