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  1. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Not a problem, take your time I am in no rush.
  2. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    I love this, better than I was expecting. I will be happy to give some payment once I get back home from America unless I get some time when I'm in my hotel to come online. I'm currently in New York at the moment. I'l see how I go with time. If I come online it'll be during the night. Only thing I would like to change is the "l" in the word "like". It looks like "zike"
  3. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    https://www.dafont.com/still-time.font?text=Purple+Rain I think this is it
  4. Purple Rain's Holiday

    Hi all, I'd like to make a quick announcement that I will be away from the 16th of Oct - 17th of Nov. Reason being, I will be in America on a holiday. Hope everyone has fun while I'm away, I know I'll be having a lot of fun
  5. Squishy's GFX Shop & Showcase

    Main Text - Purple Rain Sub-Text - I like arguments (quote by Prince) Font - Same font as the link provided HERE Size - Signature Size Render - not sure what this means Background - Animated, if possible. Purple Koolaid Man. Style - Something to do with Prince, Purple Rain, Purple in colour Additional Information - I will send nudes
  6. This Or That

    TV Shows all the way!!! Always have to say everything on your mind or Never be able to speak again?
  7. This Or That

    one book with one short story. iOS or Android?
  8. Showcasing Clue's and Casket's!

    Pro: I love these types of clips. I love your intro I love your clips I love the music you picked. Con: Lack of commentary Wish there was some rare loot Didn't appreciate the vulgar language Amateur clip, compared to your previous work Overall, 6/10 that's being generous
  9. What are my future plans?

    Ignore the haters Nico, I've always enjoyed your videos. People will just have to get over it, plus you won't be able to please 100% of players, it's almost impossible. You just keep doing you and try your best to impress the community! ♥ ♥ ♥
  10. Tattoos!

  11. Purple Rain's Introduction

    yeah ok mr. Bodhi v2
  12. I'd say this is an achievement

    WOW! That's awesome, can't believe that happened... but I really want to know, who won?!
  13. Purple Rain's Introduction

    It's an introduction about myself, how else was I meant to do it? I'm not being rude, I am genuinely asking
  14. Purple Rain's Introduction

    Hi there, I joined on the 25th of September 2017. I am born in the year of the Monkey. (I was not born 2004-05) I will not give out my IRL name, some things should always be kept private. I work as a Security Guard in Australia. My free time consists of listening to Music,playing RSPS' & keeping up-to-date on current Legislation/Laws. I am pretty relaxed, I'm easy to get along with and easy to talk to, so please don't hesitate to talk to me either in-game or on forums. Looking forward to meeting and playing with you all in-game.