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  1. 100m not pos?

    i just tried and you can only do 2.1b
  2. 100m not pos?

    I dont know how others would think about it but i think it would be a nice add-on. Instead of having a pos (player owned store) that can only sell items worth 2b. how about having an option to change an item to 100m notes. Ex: torva pl8 = 4b have it in pos for 40 100m notes. that way more people can buy/sell higher prices items when they arent on. Anyone else think its a good idea?
  3. Buying ALL Ti Keys

    Buying all treasure island keys. Price will depend on how much you sell to me.
  4. Progress report

    Glad to have you my dude!
  5. Epok's Suggestions

    Shops were already where you suggested them. i personally like how its set up now.
  6. Suggestion list(kinda huge)

    +1 love the skill cape ideas and color changing rock golem!
  7. New FFA'S!

    True. Thats when you fuck their life up.
  8. New FFA'S!

    i think most the server would like to see new ffa's and maybe all the new weps coming into the server so let me give you a few ideas! I would like to see a primal ffa. Containing Primal Pl8, legs, helm for armour. Weps = Prim rap, claws, prim maul. Misc for food etc should contain veng runes, rocktail, super strength, attack, def, sara brew, restores. Another would be nex set ffas but instead of claws have ags for torva, bp for pernix and tsotd for virtus. Others same as above. Last but not least i and im sure everyone would LOVE to be able to see and use the new lava items. so just make a random armour set of your guys choice and lets see and use some new rare weps that no one has yet. including the new swords etc. If you have more ideas comment please. and please share feed back. Thanks
  9. Dismantling

  10. Dismantling

    Oh okay.
  11. Dismantling

    Not sure what you mean lol
  12. Dismantling

    I mean dismantle for shards. Doesn't need to dismantle for 20k shards but like bandos can be 5k shards and such. People dont buy the stuff anymore so might as well make some kind of use for them. Right?
  13. Dismantling

    A few items i think that players should be able to dismantle. Bandos Platebody(5k shards), Bandos Tassets (5k shards), Bandos Boots (2k shards) Arma Pl8 (5k shards), Arma Helm (5k shards), Arma Legs (5k shards) Godsword Shard 1, 2, and 3. (1.5-2k shards per shard) PS- (5k for godsword blade) SGS, AGS, BGS, ZGS, SS (8-10k shards each) Dragonfire Shield (8-15k shards) Abby Whip (5k shards) Dragon Boots (1.5k shards) Buff on dismantling Nex pieces also. Vesta body dismantles for 25k shards as Pernix top dismantles for 20k shards. Nex should be more shards than vesta. Vesta goes for about 500m and Nex pieces go for 3.5-4b. So nex should dismantle for at least 50k shards or so. Im not sure but thats what i think. Might have missed some things but if you have other items you think please comment below and give your opinion about the items i have listed. Thank you!
  14. D R L intro

    Welcome man!