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  1. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    old school rs had d parties in falador then they moved to seers? i believe.
  2. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    Hello noobs, so. Gamble Zone, i feel that Gamble Zone should be in a more "Gamble" like area (Falador drop party room) or somewhere that has lots of space for planting flowers for players. Drop Party room would be pretty cool with a CHEST that releases the items inside of balloons ((like OSRS) also should have a countdown as an announcement to let players know and give them a chance of having a good time at the party! What do you guys think? Give me your feedback or your opinions!
  3. Clan Loot Share

    @Rangeallday that's a good question i never thought into depth...... preferably X amount of cash each OR one of each item on drop...? but yet again.. EXAMPLE>Diamond>Ruby donors: all join together>kill corp>x2 drop for however many there are in clan...... hmm, absolutely not, it'd flood the ECO. So i'm not quite sure. -.- maybe Auto System with made prices (could be updated)?
  4. Clan Loot Share

    Hello Noobs. so, i personally think there should be Loot Share for players in a clan* to gain some sort of loot for their journey to the bosses in the wilderness or any sort of Multi Boss(s). Usually people go to a boss and the one that does the MOST damage gets the loot (obviously) wouldn't you think if it automatically divided the loot for the players that helped kill the boss would be better? What do you guys think?
  5. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    i figured it'd be a great idea since some people cant afford any lavatic or arent motivated to grind for the weapons; although it's not a 'custom' server', they should complete the combat set. IMO keeps people busy and its a good eco cleaner.
  6. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    Lavatic Weapon Update - Lavatic/LAVA Two-Hand Sword - I think there should be more RNG behind the special ability with the Two-Hander OR should be an UPGRADE, ONLY BECAUSE... it is worth 15million shards approximately 375b-450b....25k-30k a shard? that is A LOT of CASH! not many people will grind for 15million shards unless someone has enough to buy the shards/bar(s) for the weapon. IMO besides the value I LOVE IT; the special is pretty cool, how you can long range special attack if barraged, etc. Lavatic/LAVA LongSword - Well, as far as i'm concerned; the item does NOT have a working SPECIAL, and, should be worked on ASAP and carefully to prevent bugs, etc. The strength and accuracy on this item for the costs of 5 Lavatic Bars is a BIG YES. GOOD JOB! DEFINITELY a big fan of it but the specials effect could be different from the Two-Hand Sword.. Lavatic Shield/LAVA - Lavatic Shield's defense is hands down one of the best shields in-game! it looks a little medieval and weird but the shields stats speak for itself; DOUBLE DIVINE STATS? oh, yeah... for 2 bars it does the job. Could use a makeover in the future, maybe a LAVA SHIELD V2 featuring PRIMAL KITESHIELD look alike?? huh, huh ;)? Lavatic/LAVA Staff - Lavatic Staff should be some Gandelf looking staff with lava texture running through or around the staff; regular attack should be meteors shooting from it! Special should be volcano eruption or something crazy.. something UNQIUE! we got plenty of that! STATS? ehh get into later.. ALSO LAVATIC Staff and CrossBow runes and ammo should be either shards or their own ammunition!!! Lavatic/LAVA CrossBow - Lavatic CrossBow should be INTENSE. absolutely nothing but A WRECKAGE regular attack should be lava spikes or something similar and special should be a lava tornado?! pretty cool guys! STATS? can also be looked at later.. I think there should be more lavatic items in-game such as......Staff for Magic and Crossbow for Ranged.. There would be more people grinding for shards and for those specific items to go with their PVM/PVP sets! it wouldn't make any sense to not have the complete COMBAT weapons.. you know? Thiscould be huge for the ECO AND PLAYERS! let me know what you guys think! Thanks for reading! - Sincerely, No Donations
  7. NF - Real

    search Papoose or Big L for Freestyles.
  8. 10 requirements to obtain my rares you guys can do it or not (gives motivation to get a unobtainable cosmetic(s) 1. 10 posts on Forums (must be an actual post not random fuckery) 2. Choose 3 RARE items in my bank tab and OFFER (item prices will be added shortly) ----vvvv Links Provided Below are the Rares Items Showcase vvvv---- (also if someone chooses the same item; they CAN out-bid you) 3. Refer a friend to play and they must be active. https://gyazo.com/323c12a8b60166b53142c9b53a887016 4. all 99's is required (MAX STATS) https://i.gyazo.com/9348ebe636d5539a7fa8f425663a14d5.mp4 5. MUST have ATLEAST Silver Donor Rank 6. 10 TASKS: |1.Enter the Lottery 3 times |2.Defeat Chaos Elemental |3.Defeat 10 Players |4.Cut 5000 Magic Logs |5.Fish 2000 Rocktails |6.Mine 2000 Runite Ores |7.Craft 8000 Blood runes ||8.Mix 100 Overload Potions |9.Reach level 99 in ALL Skills |10.Do 10m damage in any combat skill (Melee,Range,Mage) 6. Vote for a WHOLE WEEK Show proof by saving ATLEAST 2 AUTH's (i will then claim the 14+ AUTHS OR ScreenShot have valid PROOF) 7. must have 70+ hours of GamePlay 8. Must DONATE 20$ or more (your choice) 9. Be RESPECTFUL to STAFF & PLAYERS if i catch you being a dick and you continue, you are DISQUALIFIED 10. I have to watch you gamble 5B AT LEAST ONCE
  9. Hi i'm No Donations

  10. Hi i'm No Donations

    i hate you ahahaha
  11. Hi i'm No Donations

    Hello. I'm No Donations/Nostalgia or Matt. I'm loving the RuneWorld Server. Get Hip or Get Cut...with a spoon..son. i'm sure you're already scared by me so lets keep it that way... whatever dawg..i'm out sunny d slim jim michael jordan jesus. peace and love. HMU InGame ;D..Noobs.
  12. Titanium rank $2,500

    No Vouch. I think that's too much for a rank and we definitely have enough other ranks. Maybe we could suggest more benefits for lower donator ranks? rather than Ruby.. We should focus on attracting new players and keeping them from leaving by adding to the benefits we already have. IMO
  13. Sounds great Stan. Can't wait to see the server shine! Big thanks to all the Dev's for the update(s) and their hard work!
  14. I'd say this is an achievement

    moments before he lost the second deathcape