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  1. Xero's GFX Shop

    Thanks a lot for helping us out with the graphics! Highly appreciated, and 100% +1 from me. Once again, thank you!
  2. This is our Divine Forces media thread. Newest three Picture/Video/Loots will be shown, rest in the spoiler. Made by @Lens Made by @Xero
  3. To start with our name is Divine Forces. Divine Forces is mostly PK(Player Killing) based but we’re also looking for PvMers are willing to learn about the Wilderness, or even pking. We do host sometimes events are related to PvMing, but mostly PK related example, tournaments. 1) Server rules does apply in Divine Forces. http://runeworld.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21-runeworlds-rules/ 2) Respect everyone’s opinion even you’re not agreeing with it. 3) Do not start a offensive discussion or attempt to provoke. 4) We all are one clan, we are working as one team. 5) No Pay for safety(Instant kick) 6) No backstabbing. Accidently attack can happen, if we find out you’ve “accidently(on purpose) attacked you’ll be kicked instant. 7) Stay at “divine” clan chat when pking for easier way to communicate. 8) Planning to be inactive for few days? Report it at Inactivity section on Discord 9) If you are a PvMer and a pk team requires a another teamplayer, you have to join the team and help them out. 10) If you are at Wildy Wyrm/Gano with us, we expect you to help us out with killing other players outside of Divine Forces(if a friend is joining let us know before going). 11) Owners & Managers of Divine Forces are not responsible for your lost items or items being lent out. (you’ll need to fight a general+ as a try-out) (You have to use multiple style. Example; Mage-Melee or Range-Melee) Username: Discord name(required): Age: How would you rate yourself as pker on scale of 1-10?: What is your favourite pk style, and why?: How would you rate yourself as pvmer on scale of 1-10?: What is your favourite pvm style, and why?: Why do you want to join Divine Forces?: Do you agree with the rules, system we’re working with?:Yes/No Everyone is free to join, but remember you’re not offical part of Divine Forces unless you are ranked and you’ll gain access to Divine Forces section of Discord. But you as non ranked you have still rules to agree on our Discord server. Join us at: https://discord.gg/WHFaxuB
  4. Gano Drop Called (:

    @Divine winds you’ve been called and got dropped twice. 2-0 @bonesaw l - @Divine winds. Congrats boner!
  5. Gamble Zone and Drop Party room

    Support both of them. Gamble, I was thinking of a custom zone with gamble related like a casino's theme to bring gamblers feel bit home. Ofcourse not actual casino machines. And dropparty yeah awesome idea! How would you trigger the dropparty? Everyone can do the lever or only staff can trigger it for others?
  6. Clan Loot Share

    +1 here, That's a nice idea to bring the pvm community, newer players together and grind together! About the automatic system sounds interesting, but keeping prices balanced is quite hard to keep on, but if it's possible 100% support here.
  7. Update 020 - Halloween Reward +

    Lovely update as always! Thank you Solution/Shane/Stan/Luka for working extremely hard. Looking forward for more, and keep it up!
  8. Just first time uploading an actual video. I really did enjoy editing the video. I've planned to do more. Did you enjoy the video? make sure you like the video and subscribe for more video's! Any feedback,improve points is welcome! Thank you for watching!
  9. Lavatic Update & Lavatic Weapons

    Interesting suggestion. But I do believe lavatic 2h and longsword are strong enough. And not sure about the shield. I'm going with Cooni&Suffer. We are trying to keep the custom items at minimum. I'm going for neutral.
  10. Progress report

    oi oi hey suffer! That's some nice progress! Looking forward to see you as #1 Donator and having fun with us!
  11. Aye Mondo Here :P

    Rank given. Thank you for your support! *extra note. please next time write what you want example; Primary rank Bronze donator, secondary rank Maxed.
  12. Epok's Staff Feedback

    Thank you for this lovely feedback about us. Really appreciated! *Yeah looking forward to have that time together again, and you're welcome about staff part
  13. Epok's Suggestions

    Woodcutting, I'd prefer see a kindling store with dragon axe being there. Just like as Stardusts for dragon pickaxe. Summoning, No support. Because it'll throw the summoning skill to one of lowest/easiest skill to train. It's really usefull due yak or steel titan. Shops are already moved to south of edge. And I don't think the altars would be nice placed over there at the small walls. Teleport to cities, we got teleport tabs for that. They can be bought at Explorer Jack.
  14. fixes/suggestions.

    1. This should be fixed, just incase if hcim dies to it. Support 2. Support 3. Support 4. Support 5. Explain please? Do you mean while woodcutting and teleport somewhere else? 6. Agreed, never did this but just incase if it happens accidently. Support 7. Support 8. Primal maul was supposed to be tradeable due dismantle shop. Primal rapier is at the moment untradeable. And about the 2h, I'm not very sure. But I'd like to keep chaotics untradeable due mbox, leg mbox, donating, dungeoneering. No support. 9. Neutral, I prefer a PoS history. 10. Agreed, broken untradeables should be added. Void is easily to regear and return with 1 item and try to rush you or even rush during a war. Support 11. They're quite common from treasure island. Neutral 12. Do you have any examples? Or ideas? We'd like to hear them. Support. 13. Support, I'd like to see actual range shield instead of using defensive shield like Divine, or Elysian. 14. @Cosmic rune Do you have a few? Mind to pm me them? I'll forward it to the devs. 15. Again, do you have few ideas what droptables can be revamped in better version? Support.
  15. Epok’s Introduction

    Ayy @Epok I'm missing our small squad with Cowman fran and euhm timebrawler back in days haha! Looking forward to play with you and have that bond like we used to have. Love you, see you soon.