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  1. From this thread, @X/Divine Winds and I have decided to take Divine Forces down for now due server popularity. It'll be dead clan for now. You might see some Divine Forces members are still pking together. They're just friends and wanting to pk together, also they are no longer under our responsibility. Maybe in future once Runeworld's playerbase has raised. Divine and I would be happy to throw clan back online and play around. For now, Divine Forces out.
  2. Exorcist's Nex Pet disappered

    I've been "semi" afking yesterday, and I've seen you having this drop with a few others. That was quite insane moment when someone gets one of hardest bosses on Runeworld a pet! I'd say congratulations but let's back to the case. I can confirm this dude has his Nex pet drop yesterday. I've tried to look into several areas to increase your chances to get it back. All though a word from me, Digimon and few others should be enough. Goodluck getting it back Exorcist. Informed higher team with the link.
  3. Thank you for releasing the updates Looking forward to do Skotizo in a lot more sexy room (sounds kinky huh) Goodjob Stan,Jeroen. Keep it up!
  4. Was a good Ride

    Aww, I felt this coming few weeks ago however you tried to stick around as Admin which I really respect you for that for trying get back in your own path. Let's start, I've admired you since day one I've joined. Yes you've pked me in start a lot of times with @SIPLOE and @Hallix and yet we stood as friends. The day I've stepped up and join the staffteam because you kept motivating me to work out towards Server Support. I want to thank you for your work for the Server and Staffteam but also for being there for me during my Server Support time here on Runeworld. One more thank you, for being my good friend. I wish you the best and ofcourse stay in touch brother.
  5. Infernal Cape

    100% support from me. However this should be only superior in melee stats nothing else, most likely negative in range/mage. And I'd like to see full infernal minigames Hella high challenge.
  6. Typui Ruby rank

    Rank given, thank you for your support buddy! Enjoy the sexy $
  7. This Or That

    Though one, I'd go for Playstation due Fifa&Call of duty/Battlefield. Pokemon cards or yugioh cards?
  8. Obey's dream items to be added

    100% support from me! defo, Even tho I'm missing buckler, dihns. I'd love to see having raids on RuneWorld. But we could do it similar to our dungeoneering setup. Than just more realistic, and ofcourse longer runs than just 3-4 rooms to rush through.
  9. This Or That

    Apples ftw! Few good friends or a lot of friends and not knowing them 100%.
  10. This Or That

    Sorry @Digimon. I'm going for Pokemon Grinding for max exp just for highscores orrrrr grind for comp and don't care about highscores?
  11. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    Accepted, welcome to Divine Forces! Looking forward to pk with you
  12. Divine Forces's Recruitment Thread

    Accepted, welcome to Divine Forces! You might work on your pk side since we're looking for pkers once the server is bigger for clan wars.
  13. This Or That

    You're not dirty minded, you just enjoy doing it Neither of those. I'd say sit on dick and eat a pie and get the fuck out of there. Forums or ingame?
  14. Rank Request

    Rank given, thank you Lotte for your support towards the server!
  15. Merge with Arcane RSPS!

    Glad the merge went smooth. For Arcane players, welcome to Runeworld, enjoy your stay here with us!